Saturday 06 March 2021

“Resistance against normalization of ties” conference held in Tehran

The conference hosting by Qodsna held with a special focus on Palestine issue and Arab regimes’ normalization deals with Zionist regime.

Iranian analysts, academics and student activists participated in the event to support unity among Muslim nations.

During the conference, the participant denounced US-sponsored accords recently signed by Zionist regime, the UAE and Bahrain and reiterated that this betrayal of Arab rulers would lead to nowhere and would not change power equations in middle east region.

The Palestinian affairs’ analysts noted that the critical internal situation led to publicizing pre-existing covert ties between Zionist regime and the two Arab countries.

Bahrain and UAE unable to maintain their own security are dependent on foreigners including US and Zionist regime.

Hossain Ruyvaran in his speech to the conference said, For US president, the trend of Arab-Israeli normalization has become closely linked to his reelection campaign. Trump views this as a foreign policy achievement.

On the other hand, Zionist regime is geared with anti-Netanyahu protests in occupied Palestine. By Normalization of ties, Netanyahu tries to deviate public opinion focus, he added.

Mahdi Shakibaie, another Analyst in his remarks added that US and Zionist regime scared and feel insecure of resistance’s increased power and strength in region, plotted normalizan of ties. Publicizing covert ties with Bahrain and UAE is in line with this fear, he noted.

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