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Palestinian children will form
the Palestinian Liberation Army

Father of Mohammad Al-Durah

Father of "Mohammad Al-Durah said Palestinian children are the ones who will regain the lost rights of the Palestinians who were usurped by the Zionist regime and will return it to the Palestinian people.

In an exclusive interview with the father of "Mohammad Al-Durah", a Palestinian child martyred in the Gaza Strip on 30 September 2000, on the second day of the Second Intifada, Jamal al-Durrah told Qodsna that the desire of the Palestinian people in fronting the Zionist regime will never be shaken and Palestinian children will form the Palestinian Liberation Army to liberate Palestine from the occupiers.  

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the martyrdom of Mohammad al-Durah, which named in the Iranian calendar as a day of solidarity and sympathy with Palestinian children, Jamal al-Durah added "The Zionist occupiers deliberately and openly target Palestinian children, which in some cases, due to the young age of the children lead to their disability and losing their limbs.

Zionists know that these children are the next generation to liberate Palestine, which will ultimately defeat the occupiers and deprive them of their illegal rights, he noted.

"The occupiers say that the elders are dying and the younger people are forgetting, but it is the Palestinian children who are confronting the Zionist regime on the eastern borders of Gaza" al-Durah's father told Qodsna. However, the Zionists shoot at Palestinian children and martyred or wounded them, but these Palestinian children never give up the fighting against Zionist regime which armed to the teeth.

"The clashes with the occupiers and the confrontation with the Zionists will continue. They are trying to destroy the future Palestinian children by targeting them, but such actions have no effect on the desire of Palestinian people, Jamal al-Durah stressed.