Sunday 18 April 2021

Zionist regime and organized
violation of Palestinian children's rights

Hossein Ruivaran

By: Hossein Ruivaran

The rights of Palestinian children in the occupied territories are being violated vilely and this is due to the racist view of the Zionist regime which fundamentally does not consider others to be human and allows harassment and even their murder.

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the martyrdom of "Mohammad al-Darah", a Palestinian child who martyred in September 30, 2000 and marked in the Iranian calendar as a day of solidarity and sympathy with Palestinian children, Ruivaran wrote to Qodsna that "In the social view, children and adolescents always have a special position and rights in different societies, and societies usually ignore their behaviors and rights.

This view stems from the belief that adolescents are the next generation who do not have enough experience and need a lot of education and experience to become a socially responsible human being, and perhaps this is because children and adolescents in social and political tensions are always immune and in most societies they are excused in the event of a dispute or confrontation.

The drafting of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent is the result of such a process and is legally binding on all countries of the world.

This social rule is prevalent in most countries of the world and is largely respected, but unfortunately in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, not only these social, humanitarian and legal rules not being respected, but also they are widely violated. And this is unfortunately due to the racist view of the Zionist regime, which does not consider others to be basically human and allows harassment and even murder.

The result of today's inhumane view is the presence of hundreds of Palestinian children and adolescents under the age of 18 in the Zionist regime's prisons and their systematic torture. The Zionist regime's action in targeting Mohammad al-Dara and insisting on the murder of this innocent child in 2000 is not only rooted in the inhuman thinking of the Zionist regime troops, but also a sign of arrogance in front of the cameras of the world media. It

This crime must not be forgotten and it must always be alive so that the abnormal culture of killing children destroyed and replaced by a culture that respects man and humanity and does not threaten human life.

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