Saturday 24 October 2020

UK Parl. calls for recognition of State of Palestine, rejects annexation

UK Parliament called on the gov't to recognize the State of Palestine and rejects Zionist regime’s illegal annexation

The UK Parliament Thursday called on the UK government to recognize the State of Palestine and reiterated rejection of Zionist regime’s illegal annexation move.

During an extraordinary session attended by Palestinian ambassador to London Husam Zomlot, the parliament called on the government to immediately recognize the State of Palestine on the basis of 1967 borders, with Al-Quds as the shared capital, and to pressurize Zionist regime into pulling back from its move to annex large swaths of the West Bank.

In a phone interview with WAFA, Zomlot considered the parliament’s session as sending a clear message that that the public opinion in the UK supports the Palestinian question and advocates the realization of the Palestinian people’s rights in line with international law.

He urged the UK government to act seriously through recognition of Palestine, imposing sanctions on the Zionist regime’s occupation for violating international law, hold the UK-based companies involved within illegal Zionist regime’s colonial settlements to account, and pressurize Zionist regime to halt the annexation move, which constitutes a stumbling block in the way of achieving regional peace.

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