Sunday 25 October 2020

Iran’s 40-year’s support
for Islamic and Arab countries

MP Mir-Tajoddini

Iranian Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs urges Muslim nations to react to betrayal of some Arab countries by normalization ties with Zionist regime.

Iranian Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs reiterates that Iran has never been a threat to Arab and Islamic Governments and nations and

In an exclusive interview with Qodsna news agency correspondent, Mohammad-Reza Mir-Tajoddini stresses that What Iran has done in the past 40 years was in line with fighting against dangerous and inhuman acts of US and Zionist regime with Muslim countries and nations.

Referring to normalization of Bahrain, UAE ties with Zionist regime, he added that betrayal act of the two countries’ rulers is against Palestinian cause.

“Muslim world should react to this treason and betrayal”.

Iranian vice President for parliamentary affairs also urges Islamic parliaments to bolster cooperation in confronting US and Zionist regime’s conspiracies and plots in region.

“Rulers of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates should keep in mind that this betrayal will not go unanswered and Zionist regime will never be able to have access to Persian Gulf region”, Mir-Tajoddini noted.

Bahrain and UAE regimes’ normalization ties with Zionist regime doomed to failure, he added.

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