Wednesday 02 December 2020

French MPs condemn UAE, Bahrain normalization with Zionist regime

61 French parliamentarians condemned the Emirati and Bahraini normalization agreements with the Zionist regime.

The French parliamentarians said that "the agreement evades the Palestinian issue and obstructs any possibility of a comprehensive peace." And that "the document signed in the White House is not a peace treaty, unlike what Trump declares enthusiastically."

They added that "unlike Egypt and Jordan, the UAE did not launch a war against Israel, which is the case with Bahrain."

They noted that the accorded agreement is not an advantage to the oppressed Palestinians.

The parliamentarians considered that "the Abu Dhabi and Manama approach actually breaks the Arab consensus established by the Arab Peace Initiative."

UAE and Bahrain have agreed to normalize ties with the Zionist regime in a move that has been strongly condemned by Palestinian groups as a 'stab in the back' of Palestine.

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