Sunday 25 October 2020

doomed to failure

Senior MP

Spokesman for National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament: Normalization of ties with Zionist regime doomed to failure and is a betrayal to Palestinian cause.
Spokesman for National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament, Abolfazl Amouei told Qodsna that normalization of relations with Zionist regime has no popular roots and is doomed to failure.

He said that the agreement between Zionist regime and the United Arab Emirates is a strategic mistake, adding that “Zionist regime is abusing its capacity to communicate with some Arab countries. From one hand, it declares the normalization of relations, and on the other hand it uses this opportunity to put pressure on the Palestinians and to stabilize its occupation. The continuation of this situation will not be tolerated and accepted by the Muslims of the world”.

The deal between UAE and Bahrain with Zionist regime is a betrayal to the Palestinian cause, Amouei noted.


Many Arab and Islamic countries such as Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia and Malaysia have strongly condemned this act of traitorous Arab rulers.

“The parliament is closely monitoring this issue. Today, in an initiative in the National Security Commission of the parliament, we are hosting Palestinian resistance groups and we will consider their suggestions to counter this process", he added.

“We do not think that the process of normalization of relations with the Israeli occupiers will continue, because this process has no popular roots, and everything that does not have popular roots is doomed to failure. We try to use all our capacities to prevent dangerous and unacceptable practices in the region”.

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