Monday 26 October 2020

Hamas urges Arab regimes to listen to their peoples’ voice

Hamas hailed the popular anti-normalization protests in many Arab countries

The Hamas Movement has applauded the popular anti-normalization protests that were organized in many Arab countries, including Bahrain, and called on the Arab governments to listen to the voice of their peoples.

In a press release, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said that these protests reflected the Arab people’s awareness and their rejection of all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation state.

 “These peoples are aware, with their national conscience, of the danger of signing normalization agreements with the occupation,” spokesman Qasem added.

 “These people has always considered Palestine the central Arab cause and treated the Zionist occupation as their central enemy,” he underscored.

The spokesman urged the political parties and civil groups in the Arab countries to raise their voices against the regimes that signed normalization deals recently with the occupation state.

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