Tuesday 24 November 2020 
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Critical internal situation
led to publicizing covert ties with Israel

Some Arab rulers suffering from political weakness and lack of legitimacy among Arab people, feel urgent need of foreign support including US and Zionist regime

In an interview with Qodsna, Jaafar Razavi, Palestinian affairs’ analyst reiterates that the small Arab states like Bahrain and United Arab Emirates unable to maintain their own security and are dependent on foreigners including US and Zionist regime.

On the other hand, Zionist regime feels insecure from the resistance’s increased power in region and publicizing covert’s ties with Bahrain and UAE is in line with this fear, he noted.

Ties between some Arab rulers and Zionist regime is establishing in diplomatic push by US president, the analyst added.

Talking to Qodsna, Razavi reiterates that the Arab rulers’ betrayal to Palestinian cause will lead to nothing and the two Arab states’ alignment with Zionist regime can’t represent a shift in regional power equation.

Responding to a question about future of Arab rulers who normalize ties with Zionist regime, he said that these betrayers will lose independence and become players and puppets of United States and Zionist regime. In other words new colonization will happen to these betrayals to Palestinian cause and Muslim nations

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