Friday 30 October 2020

Charter against Bahrain-UAE-Israel normalisation deal signed by 2 million

Emirati and Arab NGOs launch an online campaign in solidarity with Palestinians

Over two million people have signed an online charter against normalisation with Zionist regime, according to an Emirati civil society group.

The launch of the Palestine Charter comes the same week as both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain officially signed normalisation agreements - named the Abraham Accords - with Zionist regime at a White House ceremony.

The charter's creator, an Emirati grassroots organisation called the UAE Anti-Normalisation Association, has launched a Twitter hashtag titled “people against normalisation”, urging followers to add their signatures. The charter states that:

• Palestine is an independent Arab state whose borders are from the river to the sea, and will remain Arab no matter how long the Zionist occupation lasts.

• No one has the mandate to cede an inch of Palestinian territory, no matter how strong it is in position and in its right.

• Anyone who decides to cede the land of Palestine and the right of its people to build an independent state with the city of Jerusalem as its capital does not represent the Arab people.

• Normalisation is rejected in all its forms and the free people will not accept it or any agreement with the occupying Zionist entity.

A number of associations across the region have lent their support to the initiative, including the Palestine Advocacy Association, the Bahrain Society for Resistance to Normalisation, Moroccan Observatory against Normalisation and the Palestinian Forum in Jordan.

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