Saturday 31 October 2020

Sabra and Shatila massacre
symbol of Zionists crimes

Hamas envoy to Tehran: The killings in Sabra and Shatila was war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Representative of Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas in Iran, Khalid al-Qaddoumi reiterates that the killings in Sabra and Shatila was war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In an exclusive interview with Qodsna correspondent, he also stressed that Zionist regime committed barbaric massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila refugees camp in the eyes of the word public opinion and international community failed to condemn the attack.

Hamas representative noted three important points exposing Zionist regime’s nature and atrocities:

Firstly, the killings perpetrated by Zionist regime and its puppets and those behind the massacre were not punished or charged in International Criminal Court (ICC). On the contrary, impunity granted to Zionist regime and its officials by the international community. Because of this international inaction to response to crimes, Zionist rulers are proud of committing atrocities against Palestinians, he remarked.

Secondly, the issue of Palestinian refugees has been the target of conspiracies since the beginning of the first refugee displacement. In other words, Palestinian refugees see no end in sight to their sufferings, al-Qaddoumi elaborated.

Thirdly, the killings in Sabra and Shatila are symbols of Zionist regime’s crime of aggression not only against Palestinians but also against humanity and international community. International courts should hold those responsible accountable for the crimes. Meanwhile, the massacre reveals a very dark fact that international organizations’ silence remains unbroken about the crimes committed by Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

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