Friday 30 October 2020

Islamic Jihad leader: Palestine won’t give up resistance against Israeli occupiers

Palestine’s Islamic Jihad movement: normalization of ties between Arab states and Zionist regime targets Palestinian cause

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, Ziyad Al-Nakhalah stated that Palestinian groups have military presence in the West Bank in an interview with Al-Mayadeen on Wednesday, warning that there are "no red lines" if war breaks out with Israel.

Referring to a recent decision to establish a joint leadership of the Palestinian terroresistance organizations, the PIJ leader stated that "important changes" will take place in the Palestinian territories, "especially in the West Bank."
The leader of Palestine’s Islamic Jihad also stressed the resistance movement will go ahead with its battle against the occupying regime of Israel despite all pressures.

“The Resistance Movement won’t lay down its arms,” Secretary General Ziad Nakhale was quoted as saying by Palestine’s Al-Quds Arabic-language daily, while reacting to the US and Zionists’ attempts to push back Palestinians’ battle against the occupiers.


“Not only will we not abandon our weapon, but we will also take steps to boost the resistance as much as possible,” he added.

Meanwhile, he decried the blockade on Gaza by saying: “The continuation of the siege of Gaza is a continuation of the Zionist aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people.”

He further stressed the need to increase the unity among the various Palestinian resistance groups.

Also, member of Islamic Jihad Politburo, Nafez Azzam, stressed that the normalization of ties between some Arab states and the Israeli enemy targets the Palestinian cause, adding that it just aims at serving the Zionist interests.

Azzam pointed out that signing event will be a black day for the Umma, stressing that the Arab regimes which rush to sign the normalization agreements with the Zionist enemy.

UAE’s and Bahrain’s regimes sign in Washington agreements with the Zionist enemy which stipulate full normalization of ties in all the domains.

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