Thursday 22 April 2021

The lost right of the children of Palestine

By: Qods News Agency editorial team

Today, the greatest crime of Palestinian children and teenagers is being born in their homeland. The Zionist child-killing regime has committed countless human rights crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since the 1948 occupation. The violation of the rights of civilians, especially children and adolescents, is one of the most obvious crimes committed in front of the eyes of international human rights organizations and organizations. However, the International Movement in Defense of Children has stated that since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, at least 2,200 children have been martyred in direct attacks by the occupiers. What is certain is that these actions of the Zionist regime in Palestine are clear example of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Many children and teenagers are detained and beaten every day under various pretexts by the Zionist regime's invading to Palestinian homes and also during mass demonstrations. These children also witness the brutality, captivity and martyrdom of their families on a daily basis, and many of them martyred before the eyes of their parents.

As children, Palestinian children are deprived of a normal life with their parents and families and are held in detention centers where the slightest humane conditions are not observed. The dark and stinking prisons become a haven for these children away from their families.  

The Israeli daily, Jerusalem Post, in a report confirming the torture of Palestinian children in Israeli jails, revealed that 70% of these children are facing violent threats such as rape, home demolition, life imprisonment, and starvation. Palestinian children in the Zionist regime’s prisons are subjected to ongoing acts of aggression, including mental, physical, and health torture, and more than 75 percent of imprisoned children are imprisoned blindfold. The Zionist regime also recently changed the law to increase the detention of children under the age of 14 to 20 years old, and passed the law in the Knesset.

This policy of the Zionist child-killing regime is in the direction of genocide and child-killing in order to prevent the growth of resistance and victory of the oppressed Palestinian nation. Occupied Palestine has been the testing ground for international rules and regulations and human rights organizations. All of these organizations failed in these testing. Unfortunately, international institutions and organizations have not taken effective action other than watching the human rights violations by the occupying regime in Al-Quds, and have passively watched the criminal actions of the Zionist regime and the suffering of thousands of Palestinians, men, women and children. This proves that these organizations are nothing but wealth institutions in line with the political interests of the Zionists.

But today, the martyrdom and captivity of Mohammed al-Durah and thousands of other Palestinian children have made them inspiring symbol of the Palestinian Intifada and resistance to prove to the Zionist child-killing regime that every Palestinian generation is more awake, more united than the previous generation.

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