Monday 19 April 2021

From Camp David to the UAE;
one story with one destiny

Mohammad Shahedi

The region and the world had not yet recovered from the shock of the Beirut bombing, when another part of the puzzle of the domination system was unveiled and the so-called historic peace plan and the normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime suddenly being top news headlines of the regional and international news corporations. Of course, such an event was not surprising because it happened years ago and was only given a symbolic formality.

August 14, 2020, while the news of the Beirut bombing was at the forefront of world media news, US President Donald Trump suddenly in a press conference unveiled the agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime. (It is worth mentioning that the UAE has not participated in any war against Israel and has not even had a single soldier in these wars. Can such a thing happen without prior reason and planning unless In order to complete the puzzle of the system of domination to impose maximum pressure on the resistance movement, especially Iran. Anything that happens in the world and especially in the Middle East is directly or indirectly related to the Zionist regime and is in the direction of survival and security of this apartheid regime.

Why should such an event to be unveiled on the anniversary of the end of the 33-day war in Lebanon (Islamic Resistance Day)? Why should the news of normalization be reflected on the eve of the important speech of Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah on the anniversary of the 33-day war? Why such a connection announced shortly after the Beirut bombing and on the eve of the creation of a political vacuum and the resignation of the Prime Minister and the beginning of the unrest in Lebanon? Why should such news be published when there is serious talk about the fourth election and the defeat of the Netanyahu-Gantz cabinet? Why such an issue raised when Netanyahu's inefficiency in internal and external management including economic, political and security problems is proved? Why this should happen when the Israeli army is self-inflicted in confusion and has made a series of miscalculations in hitting its own drone, firing on Israeli settlements and fighting in the shadow of Hezbollah? Why should this happen when the head of the Action Group against Iran, Brian Hook due to the failure of maximum pressure on the resistance movement resigned? Why this happening on the eve of the US failure to pass a resolution on Iran's arms’ extension in the UN Security Council?

In answer to these questions, it can certainly be said that the urgent and fundamental need of the United States and Israel to create a fictitious success in this situation is obvious to try to use the existing capacities in the region and the world to advance the goals and gain a trump card to provide his inner needs.

In the United States, Trump has less than 100 days to go before the presidential election, and he is approaching the election time with a bag full of crises and problems including failure to fulfill election’s promises, further isolation of the United States in the world, lawlessness, and secession. Spending $ 7 trillion despite the failure to achieve its goals in the Middle East, the gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Middle East in general to increase costs and internal and external pressures, the crisis of social justice and racial discrimination s well as the Coronavirus crisis and its economic and social consequences, the rise in US debt, and the failure of Trump's so-called Century Deal peace plan, which was widely propagandized to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

In Israel, despite reaching a half-hearted agreement with Gantz, Netanyahu succeed to stay in power by the formation of the government and not to be imprisoned despite of several corruption cases. widespread popular protests erupted against Netanyahu due to the poor economic situation in the shadow of the coronavirus and widespread government corruption and the government's inability to solve problems despite the regime's security and existence problems to press the current government for Netanyahu to resign. Meanwhile, there is talk of overthrowing the cabinet and holding fourth elections. Even Netanyahu's promises to annex the West Bank could not alleviate Netanyahu's troubles.

Therefore, a sacrifice was needed, so a plan was designed and fulfilled with the mediation and staging of the United States. It is clear to everyone that the UAE, after independence from Britain in 1971, tried to apparently show its support for Palestine, while over the past 20 years it has secretly stablished relations with the Zionist regime with the aim of creating common and serious interests. In this regard, in the 33-day war against the Lebanese people, according to the Zionist authorities, they together with Saudi Arabia, paid the costs of this war and even encouraged the Israelis in this war and also many Palestinian resistance figures had been assassinated by Mossad agents with intelligence and security cooperation of Arab regimes, including the UAE. The assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel in the UAE is an example of this.

However, past experience has shown that trust and cooperation with Israel is not only useless, but also its losses are far greater. Egypt's experience in the Camp David Peace Accords of 1978, Jordan in the 1994 Wadi Arab Peace Accords, and the Palestinian Compromise of the Oslo Accords of 1993 to date prove this claim. So, when the United States and Israel are in a precarious political, economic, security, and international isolation, how they can aid to the UAE's peace, security, and economic growth?

Despite rising security costs and economic risk, it seems that in the near future we will see more regrets and isolation of the UAE in the Islamic world and the Arab community as well as serious consequences and anger of the Islamic world and the Arab nations. But the UAE Regardless of these reactions and the study of the historical destiny of the Shah of Iran, Saddam, Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abu Mazen, follow exactly the same path that Saudi Arabia is going, because It must pay for the hostile plans and goals of the Western-Hebrew domination system in the Middle East. Ultimately, the prospect of a century of betrayal of the oppressed Palestinian people is a mirage.

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