Sunday 25 October 2020

US, Zionist regime’s key accomplice
in Sabra and shatila massacre

Hossein Ruyvaran

Middle East affairs’ analyst said that Zionist regime committed atrocities and an act of genocide by massacring Palestinians in Sabra and shatila refugee camps.

What happened in Sabra and Shatila was a war crime and crime against humanity and should be declared as an act of genocide, Hossein Ruyvaran said in an exclusive interview with Qodsna.

“Those behind the massacre should be punished and charged in international crimes’ court, too. Although this massacre can be observed in international court of justice but Westerners prevent any action up until now”, he added.

On the eve of anniversary of Sabra and Shatila massacre, the analyst noted that Zionist regime was founded by westerners and all the western and domineering powers are responsible for creating such a regime which is the worst human evil. Each of the westerners play different role in foundation of Zionist regime. Britain is the main agent in creating it. US is the main agent in bolstering power of it and France provided nuclear facilities for it and Germany has donated economic funds to it.

In other words, Westerners are all behind the creating and supporting Zionist regime, Ruyvaran noted.

Due to Westerners’ all-out support, Zionist regime is always violating international laws against Palestinian nation, he elaborated. On the other hand, US always vetoes drafts submitted to United nation security council against Zionist regime. US prevents ratification of any action against Zionist regime in United Nation Security Council.

The most important point is, despite all-out support of westerners to Zionist regime, axis of resistance has reinforced deterrence against enemies in region. In fact, resistance’s potential response to any assault is a key factor in this deterrence and maintains security of resistance countries against enemies in region, the analyst noted.

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