Sunday 25 October 2020

Normalization of ties with
Israeli regime a great betrayal


A ceasefire recently was reached between the Gaza Strip and the Zionist army as a result of the mediation of the Egyptian and Qatari delegations, an action that some see as the result of pressure from Palestinian resistance groups on the occupying regime, which is summed up by the firing of incendiary balloons into the occupied territories.

Thanking Egyptian and Qatari mediation for the ceasefire with Israel, Hamas official stressed that it had won a new battle with the occupation state by firing of incendiary balloons.

In an exclusive interview with Qodsna correspondent, Member of the political bureau of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, Mahmoud Al-Zahar also went on to say that the normalization of relations with the occupying Israeli regime is undoubtedly a great betrayal to the nations of the region and their security. Wherever anti-Palestinian action has taken place, there are traces of bin Zayed.

Now, simultaneously with the compromising steps of the Arab leaders to weaken the axis of resistance and its power by assisting the Zionist regime in strengthening the military and economic power of its members, the countries of the region, especially Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, must work together and do not hesitate any moment.

According to God's promise in the Holy Quran, the fate of the Arab rulers of the UAE will not be clear because God will not guide them, he said, adding “I believe that even the continuation of this process by some traitorous Arab rulers in the region in interaction with the Zionist regime will not only have no negative impact on the axis of resistance, but will also reveal their true face and reveal to us that which mechanism we should use against the Arabic-Hebrew-Western axis.

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