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Normalizers of relations
will pay a heavy price

Palestinian Ambassador

The Palestinian ambassador to Tehran, Salah Al-Zawawi in an interview with Qodsna correspondent said that normalizers of relations with Zionist regime will pay a heavy price and Zionist enemy would be destroyed and doomed to failure.

He stressed that the Zionist enemy is declining and its only the matter of time to get rid of this regime.

The normalization of relations with the Zionist enemy is forbidden from a religious point of view and whoever extends a hand of friendship to the regime, must pay a heavy price, he said.

Referring to the compromise agreement between the UAE rulers and the Zionist regime which violate all Arab and Islamic obligations for the liberation of Palestine and Holy Quds, he stressed that all forms and ways of relationship with the Zionist regime or the "normalization of relations" with this regime are unacceptable and condemnable.

Pointing to the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in stopping the normalization of relations between some Arab countries and the occupying Israeli regime, Zawawi stated that The Islamic Republic of Iran should use its diplomatic and political power to make the Arab parties understand that Iran is friendly with them and your friend is not a threat or an enemy!

The Palestinian ambassador also said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, through its frequent contacts with Arab countries, should make it clear to Arab leaders that the Israeli occupation regime has no benefits for them, and that there will be indescribable dangers for them, their security as well to be targeted.

"It is true that there are political differences between the Arab World now, but all these problems and crises must be resolved as soon as possible," the Palestinian ambassador to Tehran concluded, stressing the need to focus on liberating occupied Palestine and uniting the Muslim and Arab nations.

He also said annexation plan of the West Bank by the Zionist regime is forbidden. The normalizers of relations with Israel are guilty, and God will punish them. Those who commit such acts directly pave the way for the daily encroachment of the Zionist settlers on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy places of the Muslims of the world.