Tuesday 20 October 2020 
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Zionist army not able to
endure a full-scale war

Hamas envoy

Youssef al-Sharafi, Hamas' representative in the Palestinian parliament told Qodsna: There is no doubt that the Arab nations, especially the UAE, are opposed to the wrong decision of their leaders to normalize relation with Zionist regime. 
For months, Israeli warplanes have been carrying out repeated attacks under the pretext of firing Palestinian incendiary balloons into the occupied territories. Most of the Israeli overnight airstrikes have targeted resistance bases and some urban areas. The process of firing incendiary balloons will continue until the siege of Gaza is lifted. At the same time, in the past days and weeks, with the escalation of tensions between the Zionist regime and the Gaza resistance, the Egyptian mediation’s delegations have made efforts to calm the situation in the region.

We talked about the latest developments in Palestine with Youssef al-Sharafi, Hamas' representative in the Palestinian parliament.

The details of the conversation are as follows:

Qodsna: This morning, Zionist fighters carried out brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip, aimed at compensating for the firing of Palestinian incendiary balloons into the occupied territories. The Palestinians believe that these attacks should continue until a large part of the blockades against the strip are lifted. What do you think is the solution of the resistance to manage the situation in its favor?

Al-Sharafi: First of all, I would like to thank you for paying attention to the developments in Palestine, which are important and fundamental issues for the Muslim Ummah. This siege that has been imposed on the Gaza Strip for nearly 15 years is a clear example of genocide and crimes against children and Palestinian youth and the elderly live in the Gaza Strip, which now numbers 2 million.

On this occasion, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip now have the right to react and defend their tights in any way possible, whether it is throwing balloons or any other form.

Last night, the Zionist regime reacted only to suppress and destroy the young people who threw the balloons. By bombing the Gaza Strip last night, the Zionists thought that the generation of these young people would be uprooted; The string of false imagination.

The criminal Zionist leaders are trying to crush the resistance and Palestine, especially the resistance of the Gaza Strip. This is the statement of the Israeli leaders themselves who say: "If (crimes) like Deir Yassin were not there, there would be no Israelis!"

I and all our like-minded people in the Gaza resistance believe that the occupying Israeli enemy must leave our territory now by any means and from throwing balloons, direct attack to firing rockets.


Qodsna: What is your assessment of the Zionist regime's readiness to face the firing of incendiary balloons in Gaza? Does it have the ability to launch a new war at the same time as the conflict on the northern, southern and eastern fronts?

Al-Sharafi: It is not the case that the Palestinian people wait long enough to die quietly in this wait and nothing happens. The Israeli enemy knows this very well. The Palestinians are using all available means to fight the Zionists.

This regime is based on oppression and crime, and there is no other way but to carry out strikes and advance against the enemy. I do not think that this war will continue because, as you said, the Israeli army is not at all capable enough to endure a full-scale war and pay exorbitant costs to destroy the Gaza resistance. What does Hezbollah want to do if it wants to destroy Gaza? What does it want to do to do its best to destroy Hezbollah? What does the Syrian front want to do? Weakened spend only time.

However, the resistance is still ready and will react to the hostile scenarios of the Israeli occupiers.

The international community, which has portrayed itself as a completely false international community over the years, has repeatedly stressed until the 2006 election that if the election were held, the same result would be respectable, and that Gaza and the West Bank would be governed accordingly. But after the election and its results became clear, we saw what they did and emptied the backs of Hamas and the people of Gaza, which has been under siege for nearly 15 years. So we see that there are ways to take refuge, the international community is not the Palestinians' cure for negotiations with the occupying Israeli regime, but only the balance of power.


Qodsna: Over the past months and years, the Egyptian delegations have reportedly tried to end the conflict and tension through negotiations with the Palestinians and the leaders of the occupying regime, but to this day they have failed many times. What do you think is the reason for this failure? What are the demands of Gaza?

Al-Sharafi: The resistance to this day insists that the siege must end. An air, land and sea’s siege held on Gaza. People in the Gaza Strip rely on maritime trade, including fishing, for a significant portion of their lives. As expected, the Egyptian authorities have a duty to ask and follow up on these requests in the occupied territories and from the leaders of the occupying regime.

The officials of the Palestinian Authority, especially Mahmoud Abbas, are responsible for shedding the blood of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners in the prisons of the occupying regime. Put pressure through their relationships.

The reason for the defeats of the Egyptian delegation is that the Israelis do not want to give any concessions to the Palestinians, especially the residents of the Gaza Strip, and on this side of the Palestinian Square, they have done their best to get their rights.


Qodsna: What is your opinion on the recent actions of the UAE against the Palestinian people?

Al-Sharafi: It is very important that the UAE is armed by the United States and the Zionist regime. The occupier regime has been killing Palestinian women, children and youth in Al-Quds and all over Palestine for years, and it is a matter of pride for the Arab governments that the traitorous rulers of the UAE are now seeking to establish relationship with this thieving and treacherous enemy!

There is no doubt that the Arab nations, especially the UAE, are opposed to the wrong decision of their leaders, which showed their shamelessness and unbridled arrogance, and will one day respond to these anti-Arab and anti-Islamic steps of the UAE rulers.

Regarding the arrival of Al-Emadi, the Qatari ambassador to Palestine, I must say that he welcomes the arrival and assistance of the representatives of every Islamic and Arab country that is our brother and helps the people under the pressure of Gaza, in every political, economic, security and ... field. We say and welcome them that Al-Emadi and his country have provided extensive assistance to Palestine so far.

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