Tuesday 20 October 2020 
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UAE turning to US military
base In the Middle East


In an exclusive interview with Qodsna, Al-Handi, Israeli affairs’ analyst reiterates that Emirates is a tool in hands of US to carry out its plans and projects in region.
Referring to United Arab Emirates’ normalization of ties with Zionist regime, he, noted that Abu Dhabi- Tel Aviv ties were not established over one week or one month. In fact, Emirates and Zionist regime have been cooperating secretly over past 20 years.

Neither for the people of Emirates, nor for Muslim nations and Palestinians, Israel-UAE ties are beneficial, the analyst added.

In fact, normalization of ties was a free gift from al-Nahyan royal family granted to Zionist regime. In return Emirates just received White House’s satisfaction, He said.

US and Zionist regime are turning Emirates to a military base supporting their interests against axis of resistance in region, he elaborates.

Al-Handi also stresses that US recent failures in UN Security Council proves a very important fact that Washington suffered huge losses over giving full-support to Zionist regime in its foreign policy.

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