Friday 23 October 2020

UAE collapses all the bridges behind by normalizing ties with Zionist regime

Representative of the Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran reiterates that United Arab Emirates (UAE) will pay the price for betrayal to Muslims’ values, Fatwas and nations.


Naser Abu Sharif, Palestinian Islamic Jihad envoy to Tehran in an exclusive interview with Qodsna stresses that United Arab Emirates normalizes ties with the regime that martyrs Palestinians and plots conspiracies against Muslim nations in Middle-East. Emirates’ recent action roots back to its political and ideological principles.

By this action, United Arab Emirates proved its hostility to Islamic ideological principles and sanctities, he added.

Representative of the Islamic Jihad movement elaborates that in fact, UAE leaders are considered as puppets and agents of US and Zionist regime. Abu Dhabi also neglected all Fatwas issued by Muslim scholars urging Jihad against Zionist regime in support of Palestinians.  

Referring to US withdrawal from international organizations and its recent failure in UN Security Council vote in extending anti-Iran sanctions, Naser Abu Sharif said, US is losing credibility and reputation in world.

Talking to Qodsna correspondent he also went on to say that US, Zionist regime and their regional puppets are seeking to harm resistance axes in region. They try to derail and deviate investigations into Beirut blast.

If proved guilty in international investigation into Beirut blast, severe revenge is waiting for Zionist regime, Representative of the Islamic Jihad movement warned.


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