Saturday 31 October 2020

Lebanon’s current situation is revenge of
US, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s failure in confronting Hezbollah

Middle East affairs Analyst told qodsna that US, Saudi Arabia and Zionist regime suffered all-out failure in their conspiracy plans against Lebanon.

Abdul Amir Mousavi, Middle East affairs Analyst, in an exclusive interview with Qodsna news agency correspondent reiterates that US, Israel and Saudi Arabia Suffer great failure in conspiracies against Lebanon in past six months. Lebanon’s current situation is revenge of this failure and loss, he noted.

Pointing to the Lebanon’s developments following resignation of Saad Hariri’s government, he said US, Israel and some Arab regimes trying to pressure Hezbollah. They orchestrated protests and impose sanctions against Lebanon but they failed to reach their conspiracies.

On the other hand, Saad Hariri on last days of governing Lebanon, transferred all foreign exchange reserve fund to France. The Fund is estimated at $ 20 billion, Mousavi added.

The fund transfer to Lebanon led to financial crisis in Lebanon. Lebanon’s currency has plunged sharply.  Lira’s value dropped and reached new low in past 2 months. More than 8600 Liras to each US dollar.

The situation worsened as US imposed Caesar sanctions against Syria. Lebanon without access to Syrian borders is considered isolated and “on the siege”. In fact, Lebanon’s exports and imports are done through Syrian borders. In other words, all these siege and sanctions crippled Lebanon’s economy, he noted.

The Middle East analyst stresses that US and its allies’ purpose was provoking public protests and dissatisfaction against Hezbollah. US intervention in Lebanon’s national affairs not only failed, but also bolstered support of Lebanese prime minister and president to Hezbollah.

In fact, US, Saudi Arabia and Zionist Regime suffered all-out failure in their conspiracy plans against Lebanon. Considering this, we reach to the conclusion that, Lebanon’s current situation (following Beirut blast) is the revenge for this huge failure, he stressed.

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