Wednesday 02 December 2020

Lebanon’s blast traced back to Israel

Analyst says US-Israel- France’s long-lasting purpose is creating political vacuum in Lebanon.

Hossein Kanani Moghaddam, Middle East affairs Analyst in an exclusive interview with Qods news agency’s correspondent, reiterates Beirut blast cannot harm Hezbollah and resistance’s operational power.

Middle East affairs Analyst noted that Zionists were always planned to prevent establishment of an independent stable government in Lebanon that can solve nation’s problems.

Following election of Hassan Diab as Lebanese prime minister, hopes of stationing independent stable government flourished in Lebanon. Scaring losing interests in Lebanon, US government tried to dominate Lebanese new government, he added.

Failing to achieve its goal in Lebanon, US began fueling unrest and street protests in Lebanon, Kanani Moghaddam elaborated.

The same plot operated after recent blast in Beirut, too.  Riots orchestrating by US held in Beirut streets.

On the other hand, Emanuel Macron France’s president has visited Beirut following Tuesday blast. The visit obviously is in line with meddling in Lebanon’s internal affairs, he added.

Middle East affairs’ analyst says he believes that evidence shows Beirut blast was pre-plotted and planned in Advance.

Talking to Qodsna, he stressed: Despite all these plots and conspiracies by US, France, Israel and their allies, Lebanese Resistance will continue persistence. Besides, US, Zionist regime’s obvious traces in Beirut blast cannot influence resistance’s potentials confronting enemies.

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