Tuesday 27 October 2020 
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Hamas official downplays Zionists’ threats against the group

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar warned Zionist regime against the continuation of Gaza strike.

In an interview with Palestine today, influential Hamas leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, warned Zionist regime’s authorities against their threats for continuation of Gaza strike.

Hamas official says Zionist regime’s aggression won't deter it from further resistance and any action of the Zionists will provoke a reaction from the resistance group.

He stressed that any Israeli invasion of Gaza will be a dangerous adventure and its consequences are unpredictable for the Zionists.

The Zionist regime’s army is seeking to continue the siege and make the living conditions of the Palestinians in Gaza more difficult.

Referring to the remarks of the Zionist regime’s War Minister, Bani Gantz about the attack on Gaza, he added that "These remarks have an internal function and Gantz has raised these issues during the political clashes on the scene of the Zionist regime."



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