Tuesday 29 September 2020 
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Zionist regime’s coalition crisis hits peak as cabinet meeting canceled

Zionist regime’s Sunday's scheduled cabinet meeting will not be held, due to what Blue and White called Likud’s insistence not to uphold the coalition agreement and to fail to approve government regulations that would ensure its stability.

The Likud countered that the meeting was canceled, because Blue and White refused to discuss Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz's economic plan. The NIS 8.5 billion plan is intended to create 10,000 jobs, allocate NIS 700 million to poor families and NIS 600 million to the elderly unemployed.

"At this time when Israelis are dealing with the coronavirus crisis, the Likud is asking Blue and White not to prevent allocating them funding," the Likud said.

Blue and White notified Likud that any vote relating to COVID-19 will not be delayed and will be held over the phone.

"The finance minister's plan, which would cost billions and have long running implications, has yet to be presented or fully solidified," Blue and White said. "The attempt to present it on a day's notice is a reckless endeavor. This is not the first time that Likud is reneging on its promises. Any excuse is a blatant lie to the Israeli public. We expect Likud to uphold the agreement and ratify the government regulations to allow for the stability so desperately needed during this time."

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz went further in a private briefing on Zoom to Blue and White activists that was leaked to Army Radio on Sunday morning. In the briefing, Gantz accused Netanyahu of "purposely dividing the country" and "spreading hate" in order to strengthen his own political base and continue to rule."

Gantz said he did not know when the next election would be. He said he preferred that it be held years away but that it could end up being much sooner.

He said that even though he joined a Netanyahu-led government, he had not changed his mind that it is unacceptable that there is a prime minister with three criminal indictments.

Yesh Atid-Telem MK Moshe Ya'alon told KAN Radio that it is possible to form a coalition without Netanyahu in the current Knesset. He said the Joint List could support such a government from outside the coalition.

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