Wednesday 02 December 2020

Middle East’s developments contrary to Zionist regime’s strategic aims

International affairs analyst told qodsna that after ISIS defeat in region, Zionist Regime’s security has weakened significantly.

Speaking to Qodsna, sa’adollah Zare’i, International affairs expert pointing to the latest developments in the region, specially in the Syria, said that Zionist regime believed that Takfiri terrorists could challenge resistance’s power and strength in region and could harm Syria’s defense capability.

In fact, Zionists’ purpose was preventing Syria from making profit to axis of resistance. They also tried to restrict the influence of Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the region. The final plan of the creation the Takfiri groups in the region was aimed to make Israel as the only key player in Middle East’s developments.

But, the failure of Takfiri terrorism project, turned the sheet over and led to something completely opposite of what Zionist Regime had planned.

Zare’i added that the purpose of dispatching Takfiri terrorists to region was limiting power and influence of Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Clearly, this purpose and plot was doomed to failure. Contrary, Hezbollah could increase its power and strength in region.

Meanwhile, Iran-Syria ties enjoyed a great vast expansion in recent years. Following the defeat of Takfiris, Iran-Syria ties has entered a new historical and significant era.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has recently paid a visit to Damascus. During this visit, the two sides signed several defense deals.

The International affairs analyst elaborates that nowadays, Zionist regime is gravely concerned over resistance’s growing power and influence in Middle East. Therefore, Zionist Regime’s recent actions in past 2-3 years in region are taken due to this grave concern.

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