Wednesday 02 December 2020

US and Israel behind Beirut Catastrophe

The Analyst of Zionist regime’s affair reiterates that U.S. and Zionist regime are behind the huge explosion rocked Beirut on Tuesday.

Speaking to Qodsna, The Analyst of Zionist regime’s affair, Al-Handi also stresses that the axis of resistance should punish those who are responsible for the explosion.

Al-handi added that “the blast which rocked Beirut, is considered as inhumane and criminal operation. Those who are behind blast, proved their hostilities to human standards and rights”.

Referring to US president’s remarks on Beirut blast, He also added that trump’s stance proves U.S. and Zionist regime are responsible for blast at Beirut. Both of them are also engaged in sabotaging operations in Syria, Iraq and Palestine. Trump commented the blast at Beirut port as an attack and bomb blast.

Al-Handi elaborates that, Zionist regime rejects any engagement in Beirut catastrophe but recent developments indicate that by orchestrating blast in Beirut, Zionists are after inflicting damage and harm to axis of resistance.

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