Sunday 27 September 2020

The Downfall of Occupation Regime

The Corona epidemic has caused numerous crises in all world societies. As the corona epidemic accelerates, the death toll must rise; Its effects on various areas of community life are also more pronounced.

Corona has has caused a major issue, crisis in this world economic sphere. According to the United Nations, trillions of dollars have been lost to countries' economies, and UN Secretary-General Guterres has declared that "the world is on the verge of disintegration." Communities whose economies are not diverse or dependent economies have suffered the most, due to the unpredictability of the end of the corona crisis in the world; They must also wait for these injuries to increase.

The Zionist regime has been established as a garrison structure to ensure the domination of the colonial powers in the region, and a garrison of 6 million, always at war, has very high costs and its survival depends on foreign aid. Due to the involvement of the world in coronary heart disease, this regime has suffered the most in the economic field.

An important part of the Zionist economy depends on international aid, which receives in the form of grants or customs facilities and exemptions from the West, and the other part is in areas such as tourism, but all countries are in economic crisis, so aid is reduced. Has been found to be due to the declining purchasing power of the people and the cessation of many businesses in the world and the imposition of health restrictions; The production of Zionist factories has almost stopped, and the revenues of services such as tourism have also been completely shut down.

Unemployment in the Zionist community is reported to more than one million people. According to the global norm, working people in any society make up one third of its population, and the other two thirds are children and the elderly who are consumers and not producers. The population of the Zionist community is a little over 8 million, of which 2 million are Palestinians and 6 million are Jews.

 According to immigration organizations, about 1.2 million Jews in the Zionist regime's population live outside the occupied Palestine for a variety of reasons, especially insecurity. About 700,000 of them fled the occupied Palestine during the 33-day war with Lebanon in 2008 and the rest after the Gaza wars, but the Zionist regime still includes them in its population statistics.

 Accordingly, the existence of one million unemployed in a sparsely populated society such as the Zionist regime actually means that more than half of the society is employed; They have lost their job. A statistic that is certain to increase if the corona epidemic continues.

The Zionist government is not able to control the situation. The number of people suffering from coronation is also increasing every day. The incidence of corona in the Zionist regime is the same as the incidence in the United States and Britain. This issue shows the mismanagement of the Zionist government and the structural weakness of this regime. Medicine may be as advanced in Israel as in the United States and Britain, but Corona has shown that its healthcare structure is as inefficient and underdeveloped as in the United States and Britain.

The current generation of Zionists is not like the first generation of idealists. It is a completely welfare society. The per capita income of Israeli households in 2019 was about $ 38,000, and this society, which has experienced prosperity at its highest level, cannot withstand the difficult economic conditions. In other words, the beliefs in the Zionist society have completely changed and the current generation is not willing to tolerate problems and self-sacrifice.

This volume of problems has emerged as the leaders of the Zionist government have numerous corruption cases, headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has several cases of abuse of office; Taking and paying bribes, etc. is being prosecuted. The Zionist community also strongly protests that their leaders divert public opinion from their inefficiency in managing conflict in the environment.

However, experts believe that the Zionist regime is not able to enter into a serious conflict because both the axis of resistance is highly powerful and the Zionist army has lost its deterrent power. And on the other hand accelerate the spread of the Corona epidemic both among the military and among the Zionist community, especially since the Zionists have to spend a lot of time in shelters to be safe from the missile and drone attacks of the resistance. Weapons that have become both smarter and female-dominated and have increased operational range and destructive power. It seems that the withdrawal of Israel will not be possible due to the Coronian challenges for a long time, and the continuation of the coronary conditions can greatly reduce the living conditions of Israel, and in the least consequence of these conditions, we should expect an increase in Zionist reverse migration.

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