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Israel’s survival depends
on regional conflicts

Mojtaba Amani

The Zionist regime has always tried to stabilize its existence in a turbulent environment in recent decades, and in fact, in order to survive and exist, it needs basic instability in its surrounding environment.

Quds News Agency (Qodsna): Yesterday, the Zionist media published numerous and consecutive news items about the attack of Lebanese Hezbollah on an Israeli army patrol in the border areas. Hours after the incident, Lebanese Hezbollah issued a statement denying the news published by the Zionist media and declaring that Hezbollah had not carried out any operation. In this regard, we had a conversation with "Mojtaba Amani", the former head of Iran's Office for the Protection of Iran's Interests in Egypt, which you can read in detail here:

Qodsna: Given the contradictory news published by the Zionist media about yesterday's incidents, which was accompanied by a statement from Hezbollah in Lebanon, how do you assess these developments?

Amani: First of all, I must emphasize that there is no doubt that the Zionist regime is a rioter and a disturber of the stability of the region. And its existence is in dire need of instability in its surroundings.

What happened yesterday on the borders of occupied Lebanon and Palestine can be analyzed from several dimensions; First, the Zionist regime was hit hard by the defeat of the international conspiracy against the Axis of Resistance. The conspiracy began with the sending of ISIL elements and terrorist groups to Syria and Iraq, in order to finally dismantle the axis of resistance, so that at the right time they can destroy each side of this axis as an island. Of course, the American Zionist axis failed to achieve this goal, and they saw in front of them the fact that the axis of resistance, as an integrated structure, had well protected itself against conspiracies. This incident was a simultaneous defeat for the United States, the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia, which were committed to destroying the unity of the resistance.

We are now witnessing that the axis of resistance has firmly and seriously established the foundations of its presence on the borders of the Zionist regime more than before. Accordingly, due to the increasing strength of the resistance, which is increasing day by day, the Zionist regime, out of anger and rage, is trying to expand its opportunities and artificially present itself as a superior force in the region.

Yesterday's mobilization of the Zionist regime's army also seems to have taken place in the context of their persecution operations. The Zionist regime has, of course, been much more widespread than such operations in the last three decades, but now the situation has reached a point where it is trying to expand its presence by attacking a Lebanese village.

But internally, Netanyahu also faces major problems, and these internal issues require that Netanyahu take steps from time to time to shift attention from time to time from domestic issues to foreign issues. In fact, Netanyahu thinks that with such limited foreign operations, he can divert the Zionists' attention from internal problems to peripheral threats, so that he can ultimately advance his own political games at home.

Qodsna: In the second part of the conversation, according to the recently published reports, we will discuss the dangerous role of the Zionist regime in Libya. Reliable sources have recently revealed that Mossad elements have played a role in training the forces of Caliph Haftar. What is your opinion on this?

Amani: As I mentioned above, the Zionist regime is always looking for chaos and sees destroying the stability of countries as a golden opportunity. Such actions have always been among the strategic goals of the Zionist regime and have never been neglected. The Zionists have long sought to destroy the peace and stability of the Islamic countries because stability in them is the main reason for the failure of the international Zionist project. they know.

But in relation to the internal developments in Libya, I must point out that the basic solution to the crisis in this country is to bring the political currents of this country together around a table and to resolve the issue through political dialogue. Libya has been hit by NATO foreign intervention, and that damage continues.

The Zionist regime, like its evil presence in other Islamic countries, is trying to erode Libya in order to weaken it in the end. It does not matter to them whether General Haftar or Siraj, they are pursuing only one goal, which is to weaken the Islamic world. And to prevent convergence is against the first enemy of Muslims, the Zionist cancer gland.