Thursday 06 August 2020

Why Israel is a regime
Without a Nation?

By: Akhgar Ahmad

Israel is not a legitimate state, because it is based on wrong, here is a brief explanation to show what is wrong with Israel.

The fundamentals of establishing countries requires that people living in a particular geography, with a common or close culture and civilization, vote for a government from among themselves to coordinate activities and ensure order and security. Of course, there is a possibility that an individual or a movement take over the government by force or deception, it might look nasty but it is still a form of a government, because it has arisen from among same society, the police, the army and the government are established based on the same people. The transition of power in societies is not anything that can be guaranteed.

But this natural procedure does not include Israel. The Zionist regime doesn’t have this natural and historical biography. The Zionists are not considered as the geographical nation of Palestine. They are a population that British colonial government transferred them to this geography from the farthest corners of the world which was against the will and decision of Palestinians. British colonial army offered military training to Zionist men and women, who used aggression to massacre and displace Palestinian people. Later the military invaders announced the establishment of a state such as Israel inside the occupied Palestinian geography.

Women and men in the Zionist community are official members of military services, therefore any Zionist government is actually considered as a military command council on a military base. In other words, Israel is a regime without nation, because the indigenous people know as Palestinians have been massacred and expelled, and the geography is controlled by a military power that has organized these war crimes and occupied Palestine.

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