Saturday 11 July 2020

Typical Zionist
Forged Claims about Palestine

By: M.Javad Rouhi

A list of Forged Claims about Palestine by Zionist were analyzed and briefly explained by an expert on regional and international affairs, below this list is briefly elaborated.


1.Historical claims: Zionists believe that according to the Torah; Palestine had belonged to the Jews but they had been kicked out from this land by Romans and spread all over the world. Because of that they have rights to come back and start a government.

Answer: international law will not consider historical fact as basis for land claims.

2.Religious claims: Zionists declare that according to the Torah god had created the land of Palestine for Jews and there is no place for none Jewish people in there.

Answer: according to the Westphalia peace treaty the only way of distinction for a land is nationality.

3.Political claims: Zionists claim that according to the Balfour declaration, the Great Britain give the Palestine over to them for establishing a Jew government.

Answer: Balfour declaration was issued when Palestine belonged to Ottoman empire and The Great Britain hadn’t any right for this land

4.Legal claims: Zionists believe that according to the declaration of the United Nations Trusteeship Council and resolution 181 establishing a Jew government in Palestine is legal.

Answer: The winners of the WWI without considering the true residents of the Palestine declared such resolutions.

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