Saturday 11 July 2020

Trump’s Insane Adventures
For a Destructive War

By: Ashkan Mobini

Casualty records from Corona virus infection are raising in US and the situation has exceeded so severely that even secret services and military officials couldn’t deny it.

After that Donald Trump called COVID19 a “Chinese virus" some anti-communist campaigns were started but they weren’t effective enough. In other hands some bold campaigns against US government were started that accused Trump’s government to racism and stating false scientific facts.

Trump is seeking a chaos in global system that leads to a war with abortive results. The greatest loser in this war will be American people. Trump belligerently spread false claims in middle of situation that all the world is fighting with COVID19.

All the world even US allies know that there is not much time left to stop this internecine war. US president should know that instead of fomenting chaos in west Asia and hijacking mask shipments from Europe should focus on his country that is in critical condition.

Trump can reduce chaos by taking responsibility for this situation and fulfilling American people demands but his recent statements doesn’t look like any progress.

Struggle between US and Iran entered a new phase after that US announced withdrawal from JCPOA. Despite that Iran committed to the deal, US imposed new sanctions against Iran. US actions lead to Iran progress and self-sufficiency.

All international relations experts declare that US’s actions against Iran will cost America severely and may lead to great effects to oil markets.

Even American people realized that their president spend their taxes in creating terrorism and provoking wars all over the world.

Wherever US military entered in recent years didn’t lead to anything but bloodshed and terror. But Washington claims that US is spreading peace in the world.

American leaders should focus on their domestic affairs and pay attention to their political and economical conditions.

USA is being threatened by Iran’s actions in middle east and it does anything to prevent Iran’s effectiveness in this region. But America’s hegemony is fading rapidly in middle east and globe.

Also other countries are uniting with Iran and this pacts are causing rage to American politicians. Iran is turning to a super power and this will threaten US interests in this region and also in world stage.

Despite all the pressures and sanctions, Iran is progressing in various fields. With power of youth and guidance of supreme leader there is nothing that can stop Iran from reaching to its goals.


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