Sunday 24 January 2021

Quds Day Restored Hope
to Palestinian Resistance
and the Region

Nasser Abu Sharif

Quds News Agency correspondent held an exclusive interview with Nasser Abu Sharif the representative of Islamic Jihad in Iran and questioned about the influence of International Quds day in Palestinian resistance movements and global support to them. Below the full text of the interview is presented.

-How does the International Quds day influence on the Palestinian cause and does the annual day have a significant impact on the resistance of the Palestinians against the occupiers? Are the Palestinian people waiting for such days?

Undoubtedly, holding the Quds Day march around the world, especially in Iran, has a significant and surprising effect on the Palestinian cause of the Palestinian nation's spirit.

The issue of Palestine and the support of the Holy Quds, whether spiritually, physically or financially is not limited to one or two nations. But it is beyond limits now, it exists all over the world specially the Islamic World.

Many nations though out the globe especially nations neighboring to the occupying regime like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt even Iran have suffered a lot from Israel’s occupying policies. All these nations must stand with Palestine to protect their sovereignty and borders from dangerous Israelis plots.

Without the expulsion of this regime from Palestine and the region, there will be no freedom, comfort and salvation in Islamic countries.

Over the past 70 years, a large number of resolutions condemning the illegal and inhumane actions of the occupiers against the Palestinian people have been registered at the United Nations and other juridical institutions. The question is despite registration of all these resolutions against the occupying regime, why the Western World has not taken any steps to implement such resolutions?

The point that all regional and Islamic nations should be aware of is that western societies generally believe that they should always keep Israel in more powerful level than any other country in the region such as Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey and Iran. They are not ashamed of their wrong policy and they don’t even hide it, as the US government and State Department explicitly admit to their support to Israel. Meanwhile the number of Jews living inside the occupying territories are less than 7 million.

The survival of the occupation is only possible by weakening the neighboring countries and disintegrating them, because the occupation regime has not enough power any more to directly annihilate the nations neighboring them.

Today, the United States and its media outlets and intelligence agencies such as the Pentagon and its department of Treasury, are pursuing the same policy and they are very well committed to any decisions regarding the strengthening of Israel and its superiority over Arab and Islamic countries.

Therefore, we conclude that you, the Iranian brothers, that Syrian brothers and other Muslim nations are paying the price to struggle against Israel's vicious and occupying presence in the region. I urge you not to express only sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinians as before, but to continue to support us logistically and spiritually as well as militarily. As if defending Palestinian lands is defending your own lands. (Whether Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Lebanon).

Saudi officials have always spoken out in support of the Palestinian people and the ideal of freedom in Jerusalem, but what recently has happened in their actions over the years is in contradiction with their claims for supporting Palestine. The Saudi’s in fact have explicitly allied with the Zionists.

I do not understand Riyadh's actions on the Palestinian issue, but I know and everyone knows that the Saudi leaders have been influenced by the policies and positions of the West and Zionism for years, but I also know that the Saudi people are against it.

But in interpreting the unconventional and inhumane steps taken by Saudi Arabia these days, it should be said that bin Salman has been looking for strengthening relationship with Washington. Bin Salman very well knows that the only way to achieve this goal is to defend and establish relations (normalization of relations) with the occupying Zionist regime.

Unfortunately, Saudi regime officials have abandoned all religious values and Islamic affiliations with Palestine in order to preserve what they have gained from favoring the Zionists and the Americans, and The Saudis regime officials should consider that, this is the way to their downfall.

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