Tuesday 24 November 2020 
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Statement of the Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation

On the occasion of arrival of the 40th International Quds Day, the Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation issued a statement, as follows:

in the name of God


Palestine; This part of Islam; It has been occupied for almost a century, and the Palestinian people have been suffering for 72 years from the bitter taste of displacement and living under the discriminatory conditions of the Zionist occupying regime. The main goal of the colonial movement is to occupy Palestine and to impose the suffering of occupation and displacement on the historical Palestinian nation, as well as to establish a garrison and terrorist regime to unite the Zionists; It is an obstacle to the formation of a new Islamic civilization, and for this reason, while creating a Jewish state in Palestine, they have put comprehensive support for this terrorist regime on the agenda.

Imam Khomeini (RA) with a precise understanding of the colonial goals of establishing Israel in the heart of the Islamic world; targeted this evil goal by setting up protests, and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, it continued to target the freedom of Palestine and Jerusalem, and by announcing World Al-Quds Day, it ensured the continuation of this march.

This year International Al-Quds Day arrives in a situation that the world is embroiled by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. From other hand Zionist regime backed by western colonial powers namely the United States is pursuing the Deal of Century to complete the occupation of Palestine. But the Islamic World and independent nations of the world are aware of the current situation; Unlike previous years, in this year the quest to struggle for the liberation of Palestine was not limited to the years’s International al-Quds Day but every day of Ramadan was considered as International Quds Day, and Palestine was widely shared and seen in social media outlets.

The Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation commemorates World Al-Quds Day and also strongly condemns any movement from west that seeks to implement the so-called Deal of Century, the  Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation calls on free nations and Islamic nations to continue their gaze their eyes on Palestine and its developments, for the guardianship of Palestine. Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation prays for the day when the world will witness the complete liberation of Palestine in other words a world without Zionism. Soon the world will witness prayers of the Islamic Resistance Army at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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