Sunday 17 January 2021

International Quds Day
Digital Cyberspace and
Corona Virus Crisis

H. Ruyvaran

When Imam Khomeini (may God bless him and grant him peace) announced International Quds Day as the last Friday of Holy month of Ramadan, he did not mean that the nations around the world only participate in this rally, to protest their anger against Zionist regime and stand for Palestinian, but what he was looking for it was to maintain a new Islamic and human belief to support oppressed societies as well as oppose the aggressive regimes, the concept aims to establish a better and more humane world for future generations.


The question is, how can this concept can pave the way to reality in the current situation so that the goal of Imam Khomeini would come true? Demonstrations are one of the manifestations of such a concept, in the past forty years this manifestation has been more effective than other aspects of it; Especially in Iran, where the Iranian people held the International Quds Day rally in any situation; such during the air strikes in the middle of Iran/Iraq war and as well as under any weather conditions, in all these situations the Iranian people obliged themselves to participate in the International Quds Day rally. However we should remember that the corona crisis must deliver a change to the concept of the International Quds Day rally.


International Quds Day was announced to somehow provide a chance for nations to make their decision for an important and specific issue at a specific spiritual occasion and decide sides to support and oppose. The next year is enough, it is definitely a mistake in the perception of the goals of this initiative.


Participation in International Quds Day is both a religious and humanitarian duty, that one should stay committed and do whatever possible to show one's commitment to this religious duty.


During Corona crisis, many problems and obligations caused by the Corona Virus found their solutions such as the education which paved the way through digital solutions such as online classes, it is believed that the young generations of independent nations can also find digital solutions beside the physical presence of nations in the rally, digital and virtual cyberspace have a great potential to fill in the blanks that the International Quds Day requires.

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