Tuesday 24 November 2020 
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Khalil Abu Leila

After occupying Syrian Golan Heights, the relocation of US Embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the West backed occupation regime is now seeking to annex even more territories f Palestinian lands, such as West Bank and Jordan Valley.


Benjamin Netanyahu, who has recently reached to an agreement with his key rival, the leader of the Blue and White Party, has promised his allies to annex more lands to Israel, in order to fulfill the rival party which he has come to an agreement.


Netanyahu has used excuses such as raising the level of land security and protection of his regime from possible attacks by resistance groups in Gaza Strip.


However, Netanyahu's decision has many contraries, both inside and outside the occupied territories. As the annexation of West Bank and Jordan Valley becomes more serious, the European Union (EU) has recently warned Benny Gantz by sending him a message and urged him to stop the decision as soon as possible.


Brussels has emphasized that the move directly affects bilateral relations between Israel and the European Union.


EU foreign minister Josep Borrell stated that regarding the status of occupied territories the European Union stands with UNSC resolution Number 242 and 338 and the stance is permanent and solid so that the European Union strongly condemns any move that violates the mentioned UNSC resolutions.


Many Arab states are also against the new decision adopted by Netanyahu and his allies.


In this regard, Qods News Agency correspondent convened an exclusive interview with Khalil Abu Leila, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Jihad Movement, to inquire about the movement's latest stance on the Israeli regime's actions against Palestinians.


At the beginning of his speech, Abu Leila said: "I and all Palestinians believe that construction of settlements in the Palestinian territories, especially in the West Bank, are illegal, and just the same as the existence of illegitimate Israeli regime and its establishment in this holy land is illegal and unacceptable."


But regarding Netanyahu's recent claim to annex more lands from us, I must declare to the occupying enemy that the free Palestinian nation will never remain silent against such moves. The Palestinian people have always stood against this occupying enemy and they will never give up the fight.


In another part of the interview, he noted that Israel has no respect for international law and continues to commit its illegal actions against the international communities, adding that Israel has no respect to resolutions passed by the United Nations, so that we have no expectation from the United Nations that it will take a key and practical step for returning our rights which are taken away from us by the occupying regime.


At the end of his speech, Khalil Abu Leila mentioned the importance of releasing prisoners of the Hamas movement who have been detained by Saudi regime officials and said: “Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of the Hamas resistance movement, continues his talks with Saudi officials to free the Hamas members from the prisons of Muhammad Bin Salman.


There is no reason for Riyadh to detain Hamas political members, so Riyadh must take action to release them as soon as possible.


"We are confident that our members have been arrested on baseless allegations, we are concerned about their health after the outbreak of the coronavirus," he said. We hope that Saudi officials will take steps with wisdom and release our prisoners immediately before the holy month of Ramadan.

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