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Why Iran doesn’t recognize
Israel but recognizes
Soviet annexed lands

About 70 years ago, Israel occupied many parts of Palestine and since that day Iran has not recognized the occupation and bans even sport matches with the occupation regime so-called Israel.

On the other hand, about a century before the Israeli occupation in Palestine, Soviet Union occupied and annexed gigantic parts of the Iranian territory and formed independent countries.


The question is; why Iran has recognized countries that were once within its own territories that were occupied and annexed by Soviet Union and from other hand Iran does not recognize Israel which has occupied and annexed another country’s territories.


The answer is explained as following:

1. Regarding to Palestinian issue, the treaty which led to the annexation of Palestinian lands to the so-called Israel, does not include any party which represents Palestine, but this treaty was signed between the colonial powers of the time Britain, France, Russia and Italy but later Russia withdrew from the treaty due to domestic disagreements. The treaty known as the Sykes-Picot Treaty determines the division of territories under the control of the Ottoman Empire, which was still ruling on its territories.


2. There was another agreement between British colonial power and the Zionist movement (Balfour Declaration) in which Britain pledged to pave the way for the creation of a Jewish homeland (state).


3. Another treaty after World War I is that the victorious colonial powers, divided the Ottoman lands on the basis of the Sykes-Picot Treaty, and they annexed Palestinian lands under British colony. The treaty emphasized the transitional British government must provide the ground for the realization of Balfour declaration.


4. The next treaty dates back to 1947, when the United Nations issued Resolution 181 dividing the land of Palestine into three parts: Jewish, Arab (Palestinian), and the Jerusalem International Zone, the Zionists did not adhere to this treaty, and in a few months they invaded the UN recognized Palestinian territories and committed genocide to take control of the lands. The UN recognized Palestinian territories were controlled and unarmed by the British government. The village’s indigenous society were annihilated by Zionists and the British.


In all of these treaties, there is no party representing Palestinian nation and the treaties were completely signed one-sided. That means, the fate of a land has been decided without the participation of its people.


However, in the case of treaties such as Golestan and Turkmenchay treaty, which led to the annexation of gigantic territories of Persian Empire to Soviet Union territories, the lands were occupied during the wars between Iran and Russia in which Persian Empire was defeated by Soviets. The treaty was agreed and signed by the two sides, both Iran and Russia, in these treaties Azerbayjan and Turkemenistan seceded from Iran and became under Russian control. Nevertheless, the treaty shows the incompetence of the rulers of the time, the Qajar dynasty. In other words, one side of the agreement was Iran, which is an official government and not an overnight government or a regional governor.


In the case of Israel, because it does not have any of the components defined for a country, such as, certain boundaries (Israel has not yet defined a border based on the idea of ​​the Nile to the Euphrates), the evolutionary population (Jews living in Palestine) They are an immigrant and military population, a military society that has occupied a place and then created a military government, so they are considered as an occupying regime) this occupying regime claims to have established a state and It seeks to impose what it determines for the fate of the indigenous society living in these territories.


Although according to UN rules Israel should not officially be considered as a country, US pressured UN and international societies to recognize Israel as an official country and took advantage of the whole situation, but even this cannot change the true face of the occupying nature of Israel and its illegalness.