Tuesday 02 March 2021 
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America's encounter against the Resistance Front, Drowning into a Swamp

A spokesman for the International Coalition in Iraq said the transfer of US troops from military bases in Iraq would remain at 5,200 troops.

The news is evaluated as part of a propaganda in the United States to persuade audience about US military presence in Iraq.

Meanwhile, there is strong disagreement over the controversy, which some experts have described as reassuring and a victory for the resistance movement, but others as a horrific scenario that will engulf the entire region.

According to experts, the US government is showing suspicious behavior in Iraq in the wake of the global outbreak of the Corona Virus, which has effected all countries in the region and the world.

According to these experts, although all these measures have the aspect of withdrawal of forces, but with a deeper look inside these measures, the whole idea is not unrelated to American intervention in domestic political situation in Iraq, but in fact it is reflecting of efforts of strengthening American influence in this country for future achievement in future.

The news published in the media, especially in the media close to the decision-making centers in the White House, confirms the veracity of this claim. In an article published on Sunday, April 2, the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post described Washington's move to prepare the United States for the fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Iraqi stage.

The New York Times reported that the Pentagon had secret plans to escalate the war against Shiite militias in Iraq.

In response, some Iraqi media outlets quoted sources as saying that the Iraqi case had been fully handed over to the CIA, and that it would now be fully responsible for advancing major US plans in Iraq. Had.

The news comes as we have seen Washington's concerns over the situation in the Middle East over the past few years.

Although experience has shown that one should not have too much confidence in the words and claims of US officials, it is worth noting that various US officials, including President Donald Trump himself, have repeatedly stated that the Middle East is no longer Washington's priority. Not to mention the oil in the Persian Gulf region, they said.

In any case, the fact that the US embassy has been shut down or that the US military presence in the United States is declining will become clear over time.

The association of these movements with the prevalence of corona, given the globalization of the virus on the one hand and the quasi-controlled conditions of the disease in Iraq on the other, cannot be considered a good excuse.

According to Iraqi security experts, the evacuation of some US military bases, especially in the western part of the country, which is the intersection of the resistance axis in Syria and Iraq, coincides with the deployment of Patriot defense systems.

The coincidence of the events with the appointment of Adnan al-Zurfi as Iraqi Prime Minister, which was opposed by a large number of Iraqi Shiite factions, as well as the threat of repeated airstrikes and missile attacks on Shiite militia groups, added to the ambiguities.

Meanwhile, a few hours after tweeting, Adnan al-Zurfi spoke about the need to help Iran deal with the outbreak of corona in the country, as the United States confronted its neighbor, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its negative feedback on the political, economic and security situation in Iraq. To somehow repeat the analysis of the Jerusalem Post.

However, the full extent of this American plan has not yet been revealed, and it is not clear how far the White House will go from this widespread media hype, and to what extent are these actions contrary to the wishes of the Iraqi people? But the White House's performance over the past few days has shown that Adnan al-Zurfi is the only or at least one of its last winners in the project.

What is the purpose of the US government's plan for this project, and why is it so urgent to do so in the current context?

Is it looking for a psychological war alongside the health and medical pressures on Iraq and the rest of the axis of resistance?

Is the evacuation of US bases in the form of preparations for a direct confrontation with this axis to be successful on the eve of the presidential election of Donald Trump?

Will this success be achieved through a post-coronary agreement in the region?

Or we are supposed to see a large wave of war and conflict at the height of the region's corona problem.

This and many other questions will be answered over time.

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