Tuesday 26 May 2020 
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Iraq’s National Quest: America out Of Iraq

In today's world where the corona virus is involved and the economic crisis and viral pollution have affected most countries, some fake, authoritarian and terrorist regimes have increased their crimes, and in the silence of the media involved in the news of the coronavirus outbreak. And the statistics of patients and their casualties are pursuing their dirty and inhumane goals without any obstacles, both from public opinion and the media.

Meanwhile, the crimes of the Al-Saud and Zionist regimes and Western conspiracies are much more prominent than other acts such as African pirates or religious-religious conflicts. That is why we are witnessing uncontrolled crises and violence in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq.


The emergence of such a situation has led the US terrorist regime to prepare for military action against the Iraqi people and nation by analyzing some criteria. Some American terrorists led by their cowboy president can be analyzed; we examine them below:


Syria is heavily involved in the aggression of the Zionist regime and the Turkish army on its borders.

Yemen is involved with the Al-Saud regime and its allies within the borders, as well as under heavy siege and sanctions.

Lebanon is involved in the internal political situation and has a glimpse into the possible attacks of the Zionist regime and the distribution of Hezbollah forces in Syria and so on.

Libya is embroiled in a civil war and looting of its resources

Afghanistan is embroiled in a civil war and power-sharing is unreasonable and stressful

Palestine and jihadist groups also under military attack by the Zionist regime and the siege crisis and the continuation of the disgraceful Deal of the century.

Iran is embroiled in a crisis over the Corona virus and, like other countries in the world, its armed forces are using their resources to control the weakened epidemic due to widespread and comprehensive sanctions, economic crisis due to falling oil prices in world markets and sanctions. , Involved in helping Iraq and Syria.

Iraq is also embroiled in a domestic political crisis, weakened by the civil war with ISIS and other terrorist groups, disintegrated and disorganized armies due to internal political crises, lack of a unified political management current inside, lack of political leadership aligned with the Islamic Republic. Iran.


The complex has created the conditions for the US terrorist organization to test the risk of military action in Iraq and to equip its forces inside and around Iraq.


The US terrorist regime has long sought to weaken and then destroy the resistance's loopholes, pursuing this goal in various ways, including Yemen by brainless mercenaries from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria by savage terrorists with Western aid and The Zionist regime continues to live in Palestine through various projects, including the Century Deal, one of the conditions of which was the disarmament of the resistance groups, and now it is the turn of the popular groups and members of the resistance axis inside Iraq. First, by threatening and creating an atmosphere of terror, they intend to disrupt the people's views in Iraq against the resistance forces, including the Badr Corps. Lnjba’, League-ul-Haq and the Hezbollah Brigades Shaabi Hshd and then non-classical and non-uniform military attacks on Iraqi forces will be implemented.


Here are few things to consider:


The presence of terrorist groups was a very successful and serious military exercise for the resistance forces, which was accompanied by victory.

The resistance of the Yemeni people against the vast regional and international coalition with the Al-Saud regime has created a deadly swamp for the aggressors, and the Yemeni people, along with Ansarullah, are gaining more and more victories.

Iraq will not agree to the repetition of these unpleasant memories and will face these strangers by overcoming a severe crisis of terrorist attacks, as well as tasting the bitter taste of the presence of aggressor soldiers in their country and certainly tasting the taste of unity and victory by using this miraculous formula. They will stand firm.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not only not been weakened by the Coronavirus virus crisis, but by mobilizing some of its forces, it has been able to create a relatively good article with this foreign invasion. An encounter that many Western countries claim to be advanced and high-tech have not been able to deal with coronavirus in this way.

Iran is a country that, in terms of production and self-sufficiency in many cases, including military equipment, has become an independent and independent model against regional and international enemies, and the idea of ​​military action against Iran is a difficult nightmare for the enemies. Has become.

Certainly in these circumstances, given the close monitoring of the United States and its allies, military action will be the last resort for them, and they will strongly refrain from engaging in such projects, because if they are able to do so, they will benefit the Yemeni crisis. They ended up on their own.

The author considers such military movements in and around Iraq to be just a maneuver to prevent Iraq from evacuating its forces, and intends to use these plays to definitively demand the Iraqi people to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq with cinematic performances of power. Give up your appearance.

Because for a long time, the axis of resistance has been able to prove the futility of this seemingly powerful war machine of the West and overcome the soulless war machine of infidels and hypocrites by relying on the faith of God and the support of the people.

As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph. The Holy Quran. Verse 56 of Surah Ma'idah

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