Tuesday 26 May 2020 
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American Political & Military
Movements in Iraq

By: Ruhollahzaad

 In recent days, large-scale US military movements were witnessed in Iraq and Syria, many media outlets, based on some analysis, see these movements as indicative of a major US military action. The most important of these movements are;


-Transfer of some US troops from neighboring countries such as Syria and Iraq to Iraq's Anbar province.

-Transfer of some heavy military equipment such as tanks and artillery to al-Assad base in Iraq.

-Deployment of missile systems such as Patriot to al-Assad base in al-Anbar province as well as US military bases in Erbil province.

- Evacuation of several US military bases, such as a base in Basra province, with the aim of consolidating forces in the two provinces of Anbar and Erbil in Iraq, and reducing casualties in the event of a conflict.

- Evacuating US embassy from staff and transferring them out of Iraq.

- Expanding military facilities in al-Anbar province and Kurdistan region, as well as Al-Tanf area, such as the establishment of airport facilities near al-Assad.

- Paving the way for transferring ISIS terrorists from Syria to Iraq, such as the escape of ISIS prisoners from prison and their transfer to Iraq.

- Reports of gunfire and preparation of terrorist forces among Jordanian tribes in the country for military operations in Iraq.

- Attempts to persuade other governments to move their embassy from Baghdad to ​​al-Assad.

-Employees of international organizations such as the United Nations are leaving Iraq.

- Increasing Israeli military operations in Syria against the resistance front.

- Reports of some Israeli military moves in Iraq in cooperation with the United States.

- Increasing the level of readiness of US military bases in the region, especially in Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


Some analysts believe that the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes by the United States was in fact a precautionary measure to ignite a new war in the region.


Some analysts believe that the Trump administration is trying to save itself from the consequences of the Corona crisis by launching a new war in Iraq, given the US government's inability to manage the Corona crisis and its impact on electoral votes. Especially since the political situation in Iraq is complicated and political currents are unable to reach a consensus on the new prime minister and government, and this political crisis can be seen as an opportunity for the United States to consolidate its presence in Iraq by force. And to weaken its opposition forces in Iraq, the popular mobilization, and remove it from the Iraqi power scene.


However, the question is, is the United States really looking for a new war in the region?

The fact is that all of the above can lead us to the conclusion that the war in Iraq is imminent, but it is based solely on a series of specific data, including political, economic and military conditions. The United States has not paid close attention to domestic and international issues, nor has it seen the strength of the resistance.


The US government faces serious challenges internally. Donald Trump has entered the White House with the slogan of ending costly wars and prioritizing domestic issues. So starting a new war could have dire consequences for him in the upcoming elections. Especially since there are stubborn opponents among the Congress and the Senate, and its scope is expanding every day. Of course, the Corona crisis and the fact that the federal government has left the states alone have actually intensified these objections. The warnings given by members of Congress and the Senate to Trump about any military action in the region, especially against Iran in recent days, are also an important indicator in this regard.


With more than $ 22 trillion in debt, the United States is in fact a sick state, and Donald Trump's unilateral foreign policy sanctions have effectively isolated the United States and encouraged governments around the world to free themselves from the dollar. And in fact, Burton Woods' law has moved to the margins, and this could not only break the hegemony of the United States in the world, but it could also lead to the disintegration of the United States. Undoubtedly, the new war means increasing costs and increasing debts, and it does not seem that the sick economy of the United States can tolerate it.


The horror of corona is not only widespread in American society, but it is also widespread in the US military, and the military knows that health will be affected if the war breaks out. He was from Corona.


The Corona Crisis also showed that the US government, like many other Western governments, lacks the capacity to deal with biological warfare, and that this could lead some currents and even governments to organize biological attacks on the United States in the midst of war. And lead to conflict. This can be done not only by terrorist groups, but also by rival US governments. However, they should condemn this act in the context of terrorist attacks.


In recent years, the Axis of Resistance has been able to strengthen itself in various political, military and weapons dimensions, as well as influence among different segments, and now has a very high deterrent capability. Various popular mobilization groups monitor all US political and military movements in Iraq, and the slightest move by the Americans is not hidden from their observation. This high military capability, as well as the superiority of intelligence along with their strong will to fully resolve the situation in the event of a conflict, has serious consequences for the United States in terms of casualties and damage, as well as its global hegemony. It is also very possible that some other links in the axis of resistance will enter the scene of the conflict.


So the United States seems to have other goals in mind, including forcing Iraq's political currents to consent to Adnan al-Zarqi's prime ministership, and given his US citizenship, he hopes to have a popular rally. Declare illegal and disbanded, in which case the popular mobilization, which is in fact the largest opposition force in the United States, as an illegal and terrorist group, could be targeted by anti-terrorist coalition attacks and, in its view, destroy Iran's influence in Iraq. In this way, the Tehran-Beirut land highway will not be realized in practice, and this goal is in a comfortable direction Israel is the Iranian threat and the subject of America's withdrawal from Iraq according to government negligence likely Alzrqy somehow be neutralized.


 Some analysts have also considered paving the way for the disintegration of Iraq. The transfer of the embassy to Ayn ​​al-Assad and the request from the governments to transfer their embassy from Baghdad to Ain al-Assad and the infamous climate mechanism with the central government are considered as indicators in this regard. However, as mentioned, the Axis of Resistance is ultimately vigilant and ready to respond to any US intervention against the Axis of Resistance.

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