Saturday 11 July 2020

Iran’s Revenge for
Suleimani & Strengthening
Resistance Front Lines

By: Mostafa Qardashloo

Undoubtedly, the model of reaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the central core of the frontline of the Islamic Resistance will be crucial in order to continue and strengthen the path of resistance frontline. Taking vengeance will bring about new achievements and strengthen the front line of Islamic resistance, and it will need to be further strengthened and deeply evaluated.


Since the victory of the Islamic revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always made many efforts to establish and strengthen the front line of Islamic resistance inside and outside its geographical boundaries around the world, one of the hallmarks of which is the struggle for peace and achievement. The goal is to liberate the Palestinian state and return all Palestinians from around the world to their original home.


The news of the martyrdom of Major General Qassim Suleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Abu Mehdi al-Mohandes, the deputy of the Hashal al-Sha'abi of Iraq, and a number of other supporters of these two resistance commanders quickly garnered widespread reflection around the world.


Therefore, my analysis of the future of political developments in the region is that the Islamic Republic of Iran's reaction and action model as the central core of the Islamic Resistance Front is undoubtedly of various dimensions, and is crucial to continuing the path and strengthening the resistance line. It will be instrumental, and certainly the Islamic Republic of Iran's efforts to retaliate will bring about new achievements and strengthen the front line of Islamic resistance, and should be strengthened, while continuing and complementing these actions, their strengths and weaknesses will also be assessed. Accurate and deeper.


Always one of the main factors that have led to the formation, growth and export of Islamic resistance thought over the years, the role and position of the guardianship of the Islamic jurisprudence has undoubtedly played a crucial role in making difficult and decisive decisions. It is more vital, and this has made the Islamic Revolution of Iran significantly different from other revolutions.


The Supreme Leader, in response to the US terrorist operations and other regional mercenaries, specified the correct address in modeling hard revenge, and It has prevented the political divide and disrupted the existing feedback and capacities on the way in and out of Iran and, on the other hand, has given hope and cohesion to the resistance line, a vindictive revenge that will undoubtedly serve the Islamic nation, system and nation. It will certainly strengthen the front line of Islamic resistance inside and outside the borders.


This action reaffirmed the status of Velayat-e Faqih in the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran for all the nations of the world and showed how much guidance and guidance the Velayat-e Faqih had to pass through dangerous crossings in the face of severe crises in an Islamic society. It can be decisive and decisive, and certainly in the future of political developments and the completion of hard revenge, leadership measures will further strengthen the frontline of Islamic resistance and the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region, and the path to the destruction of the Zionist regime will be even easier.


The high level of public opinion and support of the Islamic Ummah inside and outside of Iran for rising uprising around the world in retaliation for the Islamic Republic of Iran's further action that consolidated and strengthened the Islamic resistance front.


The nation's colorful presence at the glorious funeral of the glorious martyrs of Islam, held with divine grace in various parts of the world and in many foreign media, reported in the news that after the funeral of Imam Khomeini, this most unprecedented It was the funniest and largest chase in the world for such a large crowd to take to the streets and again with the beloved and great commander of the faithful resistance, paying tribute to their thinking.


The Iranian people have proved by their presence that there is great national convergence and cohesion between different strata across the country, and this enormous social capital, which is a very strong backing for the country, will enable the regime to make big decisions and take tough steps in the country. The future of political developments in the region and the world will be very open, and with all its wings it will take the necessary steps to complete the difficult revenge that is of paramount importance.


The State Department's active engagement in the field of resistance diplomacy and the subject of vigorous retaliation is another important act of the Islamic Republic of Iran that can strengthen the frontline of the Islamic resistance in the international arena. Therefore, the diplomacy system must take the capacity process so that the completion of hard revenge is not confined to the international protocols between political games under the pretext of deterrence, because it must never be forgotten that the Iranian enemy and the resistance operate outside the international protocols. Undoubtedly, if the bloody revenge of the Quds Force commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who spent his entire blessed life trying to stabilize the security of the country and was martyred along the same path, would not give a definite and proper response to Americans and its regional mercenaries It is against national security.


Under no circumstances should the State Department abandon this issue and forget that it should pursue legal action at the same time as other political consultations and condemn all its capacities in the international community. While assassinating the world's public opinion on this issue, this assassination will continually open all political and diplomatic avenues to strengthen the resistance line to continue Iran and its allies' efforts to rise up and complete vigorous revenge.


The role of the media in shaping and directing events and in influencing the achievement of the goals of a thought and discourse is crucial. Therefore, trusted media coverage and professional management in retaliation was another measure of the Islamic Republic of Iran that would strengthen the frontline of Islamic resistance.


Creating powerful and professional media at home and especially overseas as the resistance line arms is one of the most serious and practical needs that is strongly felt and needed to strengthen the front line of Islamic resistance around the world, in this area as well. Put revolutionary, broad and professional strategies on the agenda of Iran and our allies.


The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have always declared their readiness to defend the country and confront the excesses of enemies since the victory of the revolution, and now is the time to do so, as well as the capacity to defend the world's oppressed by Iranian military forces as the nucleus. Apply central to the Islamic resistance front.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guards' missile attack on US positions at the base of al-Assad in al-Anbar province in western Iraq and near the Syrian border with a 5-point shotgun was a military action designed and operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Doubtless, a new and functional step was taken to strengthen the Islamic resistance front.


Iran's military action against the Americans was such that not only did the US military not intercept the Iranian missiles, they did not even fire a shotgun.


Iran's military action against the United States has shown that Iran is capable of targeting US forces and bases in the region in terms of knowledge and equipment, and has also taken American drones out of control with the electronic warfare, making Iran vulnerable. It shows the Americans and Iran's military capability.


Iran's Attack on US Position in Iraq The first official attack on a US base in Iraq since World War II is another aspect of the importance and effectiveness of Martyr Suleimani's operations that, in addition to consolidating Iran's defense and military capabilities, It demonstrates the credibility and credibility of Tehran's warnings that could have an infinite impact on Washington's political calculations, which means the US military will not be spared from possible attacks by Iran as the central core of the Islamic Resistance Front.


The world is witnessing a series of real Iran actions that complement and complement each other. Measures that have reinvigorated and matured the Islamic resistance front and will certainly defeat the US, the Zionist regime and their other mercenaries in the West Asian region.

So one of the biggest realities of the field is that Iran will no longer be merely a regional player and is becoming a global power.

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