Monday 25 May 2020

Iraq’s PM-designate vows to prepare free, fair elections within a year

Adnan al-Zurfi, who has been designated by President Barham Salih as Iraq’s prime minister, says his top priority is to set the stage for the holding of free and untainted parliamentary elections within a year from forming the next government.

According to Press TV, the Iraqi prime minister-designate said in a statement released on state media following his meeting with Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi that he would make sure free and transparent elections would take place within that time span — a key demand of Iraqi protesters.


Iraqis have been staging street protests in several cities over corruption, unemployment, and shortage of basic services, calling for early polls.


Zurfi also promised protection for public protesters and activists, and said those targeting protesters would face prosecution.


Under him as prime minister, Baghdad will be pursuing an “Iraq First” foreign policy, which also highlights openness towards neighboring states.


The foreign policy agenda will also require Baghdad to stay away from regional and international conflicts that could turn Iraq into an arena for score settling.

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