Saturday 11 July 2020

The Everlasting
Revolutionary Sheikh

By: Mahdi Azizi

Analysts and experts who have worked in international media and Resistance movements are truly familiar with Hossein Sheikh al-Islam. Dr. Sheikh al-Islam was a revolutionary diplomat. Perhaps one of the most important features of the Sheikh is the integration of diplomacy with revolutionary, which remained unchanged on this path until the end.


 Dr. Sheikh al-Islam has followed the path of revolution and the discourse of Islamic resistance throughout these years. Neither domestic developments nor political events ever changed his stance. Palestine and the fight against Zionism were a constant element in Sheikh al-Islam's thinking, thinking, speeches, and struggles that maintained it in all the political and non-political positions he undertook. All the political movements in the country, as well as Lebanon and Syria, paid him special respect.


The revolutionary Sheikh, unlike some tired revolutionary figures whose politics revolved later, never lost track of the struggle and did not get caught up in misinterpretations. He had an important and unique understanding of the events in the region and an in-depth look at the political future of the resistance nations.


The theme of emergence also existed as the most important point for future victories in his thinking and actions. His view of Palestine and the fight against Zionism was religious, political, and revolutionary; that is, he saw the fight against Israel as a matter of faith.


The Sheikh had a clear Qiblah to determine the direction and continue the path against him. In almost no political context was the issue of Palestine and the Zionist regime in which the Sheikh was not present. With all this tiredness, however, he found it necessary to attend all these meetings, even if he could attend for a few minutes.


In addition to his moral qualities, he played a key role in completing the resistance ring in Lebanon and Syria, as the media after his death referred to him as one of Hezbollah's fathers and the Israeli media. I have known the Sheikh for 20 years and consider myself his disciple. He was a companion of Sadiq Imam and the leader and lover of Hajqasem Soleimani. On the last visit I saw him with the same perpetual energy and strong faith and stability he says of the Quds and prayers in the Quds. He spoke of Haj Qassim's testimony and his sincerity. The revolutionary Sheikh Saduq exemplified this verse: ... instead of serving Wahhabis, as well as those of Alikumah Abadada, Lanaa Iwali, by Shahid Fujasil Khalil.

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