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Instability in Israel
Growing Deeper

By: Ruhollahzaad

Benny Gantz, Leader of the Blue and White Left Coalition party, coordinated a meeting with Avigdor Lieberman, Chairman of the far right Party of (Israel our Home) on Monday, March 19, 2010, while Israel is suffering from a severe political trauma, the meeting between the two political tycoons Indeed, is a sign of indication that the Zionist community is moving towards experiencing new conditions in the political arena.


After the announcement of the results of the third parliamentary elections in a year! It turned out that the possibility of forming a government is still in a state of uncertainty, and neither of the two factions will easily be able to form a cabinet. Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud party, which actually leads the Israeli right wing, has been disappointed with Netanyahu's 59-seat cabinet in the face of fierce opposition from the right-wing Israeli party led by Netanyahu. On the other hand, the rival faction with 55 seats is unable to form a cabinet and the Lieberman Party still holds 7 seats.


Lieberman disagreed with Netanyahu on a number of issues, most notably on the subject of Haredi Jews conscription and some of stringent laws, such as a law that forces trade and public services to be closed on Saturdays or the prohibition of Non-Orthodox Jews practicing religious traditions by the Jewish wall. Since Netanyahu's main base is Zionist extremist movements that insist on maintaining the status quo, he is unable to agree to Lieberman's demands, and the possibility of a coalition remains unlikely given the insistence of the two sides.


Lieberman, on the other hand, also refrained from associating with the Left, as he depended on the Israeli right. That's why he has refused to run in any of the last two elections. But the situation seems to be changing. Lieberman has put forward five terms, and Gantz implicitly accepted those terms, and today's meeting is on that basis. Avigdor Lieberman, in a note on his Facebook page, outlined the following conditions for participation in any future government:


-Increase the salaries of all retirees

-Cancellation of Saturday Closure of Business Centers and Public Transport Sectors on Decisions by Local Authorities

-Allowing everyone a civil marriage license

-Adopting a gilded wall plan and to place a wall, for prayers of non-Orthodox Jews

-Amendment of the law of the military service of Haredi Jews


Hours after the release of Lieberman's terms, Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz announced his agreement to join the next cabinet, with the need to move forward to form the next cabinet with Lieberman's participation.


While Lieberman has not yet spoken about his opposition to Arab participation in the cabinet, given the positions taken by some members of the left-wing parliament and the sharp stance Israel's Katz has expressed on the Arabs, Lieberman seems to have strayed from his previous position on the Arabs.


The Israeli foreign minister called Arab representatives of the Knesset a terrorist organization. "Israel Kats" stated that most members of the Arab League list are either supporters of terrorists or terrorists themselves. The formation of the future cabinet of the Zionist regime was announced by Bani Guntz, the leader of the White Blue Coalition, backed by a joint Arab list. Yawaz Handel and Tsefi Hauser, who have been elected to parliament from the blue and white lists in recent elections, have said they will not allow the Zionist cabinet to be formed in partnership with the Arab Joint List. According to some reports, the positions of the two leftists have also gained popularity among their spectrums, and that could be a tough challenge for Gantz and Lieberman if they agree today. This is still a question that has left the cabinet in limbo.


The leftist parties led by Gantz and the Israeli party led by Lieberman are trying to pass two laws in the Knesset to rule out the possibility of Netanyahu's forming a cabinet by the Zionist leader. These two rules are:


Impose restrictions on the term of office for Prime Minister role

Prohibition to Form a government fore those who are Judicialy accused


Both laws are aimed at removing Netanyahu from the political arena and paving the way for a government without him. A law that is likely to be voted on by the new parliament starting March 23 is highly probable. If neither of the 59 deputies together with Netanyahu voted for the two bills, but given that the left-wing constituency plus 7 Liberman MPs has 62 seats (blue and white 33 - Labor and Merses and Gosher Coalition 7 - List Common Arabian 15- Israel Home 7) It seems that these approvals could come into law, in which case the head of the Zionist regime, Rubin Rowlin, could not make Netanyahu a government official, which would mean the end of Netanyahu's political life. The Likud party will also have to choose a new chairman for the party.


That is precisely why Netanyahu has accused Gantz and Lieberman of stealing people's votes and on the other hand set a series of legal and illegal actions against Lieberman and Gantz, such as accusing Lieberman of abusing power. During his tenure at the Ministry of War for the benefit of his children or the threat of Gantz's assassination on social networks and right-wing circles. The measures that have led to the protective measures for them, especially Benny Gantz, have increased dramatically. These threats are so serious that some former and current security officials see the situation as the same as the murder of Isaac Rabin. Some Zionist analysts also deny the possibility of Zionist society entering a civil war and insist that Netanyahu be present The power to launch a civil war is also unaffected.


Analysts believe that the specific political conditions that have prevailed in the Zionist community over the past year, and the inability of various parties to form a coalition and form a government and widen the divisions between different parties and factions have made our right-wing Israeli party with the left. To share common interests and bring them together. Therefore, we should expect many changes in the political field of the Zionist regime and the Zionist community will undoubtedly experience new conditions in its political arena and this can lead to There will be a lot of political instability in the security sphere, of course Ascending economic and regional and international interactions and even in the regime appeared to be serious.

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