Sunday 24 January 2021

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Khader Adnan

Few days ago, former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim posted a message on his Twitter page indicating that soon a non-aggression agreement will be signed with the Zionist regime.


In addition, today we are witnessing efforts by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu trying to implement the occupation clauses of the so-called American Peace Plan of the Deal of Century; he has made claims over the past three days to annex more lands from the West Bank. Jordan and northern dead sea, to currently occupied lands.


In this regard, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, we conducted an interview with Khadir Adnan, spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement, in order to find out, the movement’s position against the recent developments in occupied Palestine and the impact of the Islamic Revolution on the Palestinian resistance.


Zionist security forces arrested Sheikh Khadir Adnan in December last year, and he was released from prison after tolerating six-month sentence.


Adnan went on a hunger strike at least 2 times between the years of two and a half, with the hunger strike lasting 9 days and his strike lasting 2 days.


At the beginning of his conversation with Qodsna correspondent, this member of the Islamic Jihad addressed the people of the region and especially the people of Iran (coinciding with forty-first anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran): We demand all nations of the region special the proud nation of Iran, which is now led by Ayatollah Khamenei, and currently celebrating their forty-first anniversary of the revolution, to unite upon their support for Palestinians, and we do also call on the Shiite and Sunni Islamic Ummahs to unite and support the Palestinian cause in a single solid strategy.


 "We also call on the Arab and Islamic nations of the region to continue their support for Palestine and to always keep Quds as a compass for themselves and to stand up to the Americans and Israelis in the region," he said. 


Khadir Adnan also pointed to the achievements of the Islamic Revolution of Iran: The victory of the Islamic Revolution in the region that took place 41 years ago undoubtedly had a significant impact on the Palestinian resistance and the process of fighting the US in the region, in addition to Commander Suleiman who was martyred by Washington. He was one of the people who strongly supported the Palestinian issue and its resistance.


In his remarks, he again emphasized the need to put aside differences within the Muslim world to support the Palestinian cause more fully and to undermine the Zionist-American plots.


The spokesman for the Islamic Jihad Movement emphasized the Palestinian people's response to the "deal of the century": Be assured that the Palestinian people, with their blood, will protect the sanctities of this land against the occupiers. We, along with our American and Israeli allies, We fight against Palestine here every day we are arrested, killed, tortured and arrested, and our Sheikhs are arrested and insulted and sanctified and they are blocking us. These are part of the Palestinian people's struggle It is very close to the intifada.


In addition, the Palestinian people have organized several demonstrations every day against the deal of the century and the Zionist and American plans and have tried to fully oppose it, but there are some Arab countries that have supported the deal, but However, the victory of that Palestinian nation is the axis of resistance.


Adnan also commented on the former Qatari prime minister's claim that the Gulf states were trying to sign a non-aggression agreement with the Zionist regime, and expressed regret for the Arab community in the region: "Unfortunately, some Arab countries are a weak example."


Their fallen Americans are betraying their Arab brothers and sisters, and they do not condone any crime or repression against the Palestinians. However, the Palestinian people alongside free countries like the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoy Islamic and national rights. Defend themselves and make a historic and memorable breakthrough US will figure out.

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