Sunday 24 January 2021

Normalizing relationship
With Israeli regime
Unforgivable & dangerous sin

Davood Shahab

Following recent moves by some Arab regimes in the region, in which they started to normalize relations with the Zionist regime which also resulted to abandon their support for the Palestinian nation, as well as the recent decision by Palestinian Authority officials to ban demonstrations against Trump’s peace plan known as “Deal of Century” in the West Bank, draw our attention to conduct an interview with Davood. Shahab, spokesman of Islamic Jihad a Palestinian Resistance Movement, in this interview our correspondent asked the Palestinian Islamic Jihad authority about their stance against the recent development.


In response to a our correspondent's question about Islamic Jihad’s stance against the Palestinian Authority's new decision to crack down anti “Deal of Century” demonstrations in the West Bank, Davood Shahab initially  said, “It is a decision by Mahmood Abbas to suppress Palestinian anger and activity. Their anti-Zionist strategies are fake, embarrassing and disgraceful.”


Further he said that the Islamic Jihad movement strongly condemns such actions by the PA because the activities of the Palestinian people in the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip are against Zionist-American conspiracy that aims to separate Palestinian nation by a so-called peace plan known as the Deal of Century.


Mahmoud Abbas organization’s strategies in the arena of confronting the occupation regime, is fully in favor of this regime's inhumane policies.


The spokesman for the Islamic Jihad resistance movement continued his remarks by responding to recent remarks by former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim and said: “I must reiterate that detouring Arabs from the path of confronting the Zionist regime is a huge and unforgivable mistake.”


According to Jassim, if the Arab states step in to sign this agreement with the Israeli regime and deviate from their old position of fighting the radical Zionist regime, their own security would be endangered by the occupation regime.


At the end, he warned the Arab rulers of the region that if Arab countries privilege the Israeli regime for their own security, then undoubtedly they have paved the arena for Zionism and colonialism to take over the entire region.


According to Qods News Agency, this morning hundreds of Palestinian youths in Ramallah, West Bank center chanted slogans against a so-called peace plan proposed by Trump’s administration known as “Deal of Century”.


Palestinians also chanted slogans against normalizing relations with Israel, conduct by some Arab regime rulers as well as Palestinian Authority officials, slogans also condemned recent Zionist regime war crimes against the Palestinians.

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