Friday 10 April 2020

Netanyahu’s struggle to evade prison

As we get closer to parliamentary elections,  inside the occupied territories, we are seeing an increase in efforts to win the election of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is of some importance to not only his political but also his social life.

Netanyahu knows jail is the end of his political life if he does not win the election and fails to renew his prime ministerial post. There have been several lawsuits filed against him so far, perhaps the most prominent being a bribe-taking case known as the 1000 Case, and if only the same case with credible and undisputed evidence is handled, the so-called cool water in the case Prison is inevitable.


For this reason, he is trying to increase public acceptance of himself and the Likud party he heads. He even considered trying to engineer elections. The Likud party has collected the most detailed profile of citizens over the age of 18 in this context. Hacking the Likud site and revealing this personal information, apart from its security implications for the Zionists, actually shows that Netanyahu has plans for election engineering ahead that could raise his challenges and concerns.


At the same time, the electoral needs of US President Netanyahu and President Donald Trump have made him use America to win over his rivals. Netanyahu is an influential figure in the US Zionist lobby, and that could help to save Trump from defeat in the 2020 US election, especially as the US president is losing more and more supporters every day. It is Trump's need and the presence of Jewish-Israeli Jared Kouchner, Trump's son-in-law and his senior adviser, that have helped Donald Trump enter the Palestinian and Middle East crisis from the point of view of the Zionist regime's needs and indeed the bankrupt Netanyahu's electoral needs. That is why we are witnessing a series of extreme and unilateral US actions in relation to Palestine and the Middle East. Measures that experts believe have hurt America's global standing are so far that we are seeing the United States set foot on the path to international isolation, which has grown ever deeper since Trump's inauguration.


Netanyahu is trying to win the election on several fronts. Inside, he accuses rivals of disrupting government formation and calls their actions a coup. It is also working with the US with the help of the United States to try to end the situation against them. Proposing unified al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime and transferring the US embassy to the city, annexing the Golan Heights, annexing the 1967 Occupied Territories, annexing the Jordan Valley, approving the return of Palestinian refugees from any future negotiations. Ethnic law in the Knesset, as well as increased attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic sites, as well as increased raids on Palestinian homes and lands in the West Bank, and widespread destruction and confiscation of homes and lands are among his actions.


In relation to Gaza, the Zionist army is also instructed to manage the scene of the conflict with Gaza so that it may not even enter into another erosive war with Gaza. So we see the Zionist army's aggressive attacks on positions in Gaza, which have been met with limited reaction from Gaza's resistance and Netanyahu's favorable course.

In the Syrian crisis, due to the important operations carried out by the Syrian Army in northern Aleppo and the province of Adlib and Hama, we are seeing increased missile raids to Syria, which the Syrian army is still in a state of attack against due to the specific circumstances of its conflict. These are the transgressions.


The Zionist regime, on the other hand, follows the process of normalization with these countries based on the US instruction for regional regimes, and Netanyahu considers the issue of normalization as a great electoral opportunity. His frustration over whether to meet Ben Salman or his son before the March elections is being assessed. Unfortunately, the corrupt and affiliated Arab leaders, by their statements, decisions and actions, actually sacrifice the interests of the Islamic Ummah and the great cause of Palestine to the Zionist and Netanyahu goals.


Analysts believe Donald Trump's extreme measures to support Netanyahu, especially the unveiling of the so-called Century Transaction plan, as well as Netanyahu's domestic and regional actions and the possibility of Netanyahu's affiliation with Arab regimes will have little effect on the outcome of the Zionist election. Opinion polls show the Likud party has not outperformed its rival parties, especially the blue and white parties, and it is very likely that the current situation will continue. Although Avigdor Lieberman, leader of our House of Israel, has suggested that his party might partner with the Blue and White Party in the (so-called) future Israeli government, but given Gantz's stance against the Arab Common List and the type and ceiling of Lieberman's contribution, it seems It is unlikely that there will be a breakthrough in the current political stalemate in Israel, and the biggest losers in the current situation are the Arab affiliated regimes, which have offered many opportunities and privileges to the Zionist regime and institutionalized hostility to Islamic societies whose consequences. In the not-too-distant future.

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