Sunday 24 January 2021

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Mohammad Khodadi

Today, the media has influenced contemporary human identity by expanding its geographical, cultural, and political boundaries, so that the identity of the modern man can be called the media identity. The increasing role of new means of mass communication in different parts of human life has led to their use in various fields. As well as contributing to the consolidation and strengths of the media, they also sometimes weaken the basic foundations of society.


But what are the effects of the media on the culture of society, what are the causes and how to control and direct them and take advantage of this important and dynamic technology to reform society?


Following to the martyrdom of General Suleimani, many media outlets have tried to represent the presence and empathy of the people in a different way to convey their insights through the media to the audience; and the key is how can the media accomplish its mission in the best possible way in the present and sensitive conditions of society?


To answer these questions, the Qodsna correspondent interviewed Mohammad Khodadi, the Deputy Minister of Press and Information at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


In an exclusive interview with Qodsna correspondent, Mohammad Khodadi pointed out effective strategies to promote media coverage and their role in the current society and said: "The first important issue in promoting media quality is enhancing content production skills." The media operating in the international arena has an important and effective role.


He added: “Our international media services should broadcast the voice of the country to international audiences and enlighten against the doubts, ambiguities, indulgences and mental nourishment that is produced by western mainstream media.”


The Deputy Minister of Press and Information of the Ministry of Culture further stated: our media should not be limited to internal geography and our domestic issues. Martyr Qassem Suleimani whom I call a media activist, was not limited to the geography of Iran. He was active beyond these boundaries, our voice must reach to international societies to reflect the true face of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Khodadi emphasized: Media criteria can also meet individual work and every person can play an important role in this field. Today, we should garrison all the equipment and tools available and put them to work, every person must use this capacity and play his effective role.


At the end of his speech, he concluded: "A good media is the outlet that produces information and observes what is happening and how it is happening. Our mainstream media should find hidden aspects of political events or challenges and enlighten the mystery to the audiences or readers.”

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