Thursday 09 July 2020

The Holocaust Memorial, And the March Elections

Benjamin Netanyahu during a summit held in occupied territories on the occasion of the anniversary of the alleged victims of the Holocaust, claimed that the number of countries not affiliated with the Zionist regime are fewer than finger counts.

The Zionist Prime Minister made the claim, in a situation that, the Zionist regime has been in a crippling political crisis for nearly a year and is still unable to form a government, despite two costly elections. The third election is also due to be held in March. According to opinion polls, the regime is not likely to successfully get out of the political crisis soon. Conditions that have never been experienced in the seven decades of this occupation regime.


According to the particular situation that Netanyahu is stuck at, which is, on one hand, his grid for power and role-playing as top of the Israeli power pyramid, which is one of his personality traits, and on the other hand, concerns about the end of his political career regarding the judiciary prosecution against him, Benyamin Netanyahu looks forward to take the advantage out of every opportunity to promote his political career in public opinion inside the Zionist community.


Accordingly, inviting political leaders from different countries to attend the so-called Holocaust anniversary, is evaluated as Netanyahu’s effort to take the advantage of turning this event into a golden opportunity for his election purposes. Some 40 political figures from different countries attended the anniversary inside the occupied territories.


Netanyahu's statement is far from reality and also it cannot hide the occupying nature of the Zionist regime which has been founded on conspiracy and crime. Many countries that have recognized Israel as country, did not made a choice based on their domestic public opinion.


Almost in all of the countries that have played a major role in shaping and sustaining political life, such as Britain, France and the United States, there has been remarkable polling results that recognize Israel as a criminal, occupying regime which is a threat to world peace.


The traitorous process known as "normalization of relationship with Israel" followed by some Arab regimes, is due to their dependence on West, particularly the US. They don’t, value their public opinion, this normalization of relationship with Israel is performed under dictatorship, against the public opinion’s will.


Following Donald Trump's instruction issued at the Riyadh summit, these Arab regime’s severely suppressed their public opinion, and despite all the hatred of Israel in Arab societies, the leaders have entered the process of betraying the great cause of the Muslim nations which is the plight of Palestine.


Zionist media have reported over 11,000 army troops are working to secure the ceremony, stationed in only two districts of Tel Aviv and Quds. This report itself is reflecting a fact that the Zionists admit that Israel is illegitimate.


In current situation, Netanyahu spent a lot of budget, to provide security for international political figures, to hose them the anniversary ceremony of the so called Holocaust memorial in order to impress the Zionist societies. Netanyahu gambled the opportunity for the upcoming elections in March; and hopes in the ballot boxes will emphasize his superiority.

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