Sunday 05 July 2020

Specialized review of book "Let's Not Forget"

Book Review Let us not forget the presence of Amir Hossein Babalar (translator of the book) and Mr. Alireza Soltanshahi and Mohammad Taghi Taghipour, experts on Palestinian affairs, on Tuesday morning at the Palestinian People's Defense.

As Reported by Qods News Agency (Qodsna)  the eighth session of a series of specialized sessions in the book realm, with a review of the book "Let's Not Forget", attended by Amir Hossein Babalar (Translator) and Mr. Alireza Soltanshahi and Mohammad Taghi Taghipour A Palestinian expert was held Tuesday morning at the Palestinian People's Defense Forces.


According to Qodsna, the book "Not to Forget" is a story of the tragic event of the destruction and occupation of 418 Palestinian villages and the killing, deportation and displacement of its inhabitants. Author of this book is Walid al-Khaledi and Amir Hossein Balabari has translated it into Farsi and published it by supporters of Azadi Qods affiliated with Quds Freedom Supporters.


Alireza Sultan Shahi introduced the book at the beginning of the meeting, saying: 418 Palestinian settlements occupied in 1948 had a great civilization history, and many of these villages had schools and educational systems that were less developed in lesser countries at the time. Such a possibility has been possible. The rural productions and architectural texture of each of these villages was a small scale of the modern cities in those villages.


"Reading this book will answer many of the doubts raised about Palestine, including that Palestine at that time needed a guardian because of its structural conditions, because it has a very rich cultural and civilization background," he said. And in many respects, the Palestinian people had better living conditions than people in other countries at the time.


The establishment of the Zionist regime and its existence have always been associated with attack, killing, deportation, and destruction, and this book narrates well, and one of the reasons Israelis have been deported since its inception. The Palestinians were demolishing their homes in the hope that they would be deprived of their return, and with the destruction of the Palestinian villages, they would establish their own settlements there to make the Palestinian villages completely Jewish. In fact, this book is a showcase of the crimes of the Zionist regime

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