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Deal of Century
Jordanian Nightmare

Dr. Mojtaba Ferdowsipour

Over the past weeks, we have witnessed that the Jordanian officials have not attended the 25th anniversary of the Peace Agreement with the Israelis and they have not sent any political representatives to the occupied territories. In addition, Jordanian security forces have arrested two Zionists on the borders with the occupied territories. In addition to that, almost all of the Jordanian members of the parliament have insisted that the two Zionists arrested, would not be released until Jordanian prisoners were released from the Israeli custody. On the other hand, some political analysts suspected that Jordanian officials might have been taking steps to favor Russia. Seeking a successor to their longtime Washington ally (because the Americans just simply abandoned the Kurds in the northern Syria)


In this regard Qod News Agency International service convened an exclusive interviews with former Iranian ambassador to Amman-Jordan, Dr. Mojtaba Ferdowsipour, to discuss the latest developments inside the country.


In his opening remarks, Ferdowsipour dismissed all speculations about any recent discords between the Zionist regime and Jordan which might be as a result of arresting two Israelis at the Jordanian border and said: “Jordan has not changed their diplomacy stance with Israel, over the arrest of two Israelis, but Jordanians have a political discord with Israel over two non-residential areas of Qamar and Baqurah which were Jodanian terriotries but now under Israeli control, Qamar, which is partially inhabited was part of an agreement with Israel, to be returned to Jordan after 20 years.”


He added that the two mentioned territories are not useful anymore, because during the times they were occupied by Israel, Israel has terminated all the natural resources, such as water, they refined the water resources of the mentioned areas into fresh water and used the water for agriculture, the agriculture created many jobs and Israel spent a lot investments in Qamar and Baqurah, so for them is not a good idea to simply return back the lands to Jordan.


What Jordan did, was to keep constant negotiations and pressure the UN officials, and since Tel Aviv had not paid any rent for the lands in recent years, Jordan was finally able to sue a bill to the UN and Reclaim valid legal communities in the area after the lease expired.


Former Iranian ambassador to Jordan, further continued his remarks, and said: “Regarding captivity of prisoners, I have to say that it is nothing new and is very normal and cannot be evaluated as a distinction of Jordanian party over the Israeli party. Jordanian officials continue to adhere to the "Wadi Arab" agreement and they do their best to not violate its framework.”


Regarding the Zionist-American plan of the Deal of the Century, he said: "These days, the Jordanians have a much more major concern, and that is Deal of the Century, because if this plan is implemented, Jordan will no longer exist and it will lose territories to form a Palestinian country." The Americans and the Zionists are currently stretching their glance over Jordanian territories and that very much concerns Jordanian officials.”


In the end, he concluded that as far as the Resistance movements have changed the levels of engagements with Israel, the Deal of the Century has no ground to get implemented.